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This is not to be taken as any sort of In-world document or anything of the sort, but rather a list of information that would become available to the casual observer after a short period of time in her presence. This list serves the dual purposes of serving as an easy reference for looking up everything that is publicly known and allowing me to give to the public information difficult or impossible to display in game that people would otherwise normally learn about her through real world contact. Besides, if I didn’t have anything to post I couldn’t handwave away details in my bio by telling people to visit my Virtueverse page.

Spoiler warning: Details about a player-created storyline, or information currently unrevealed about a character, follow.
Player Name: @AniX
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 43
Personal Data
First Name: If giving a name, she will give Pel
Last Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: None
Species: Appears Human
Age: Looks about early to mid-30’s
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Height: 5’11
Weight: Looks about 122lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Complexion: Light Skin
Build: Appears to be healthy person who engages in moderate to high levels of daily exercise
Biographical Data
Ethnicity: Unknown
Accent: Very Light British/Irish accent
Citizenship: Unknown
Occupation: Vigilante, Detective, Con Artist, Mysterious Loner
Education: Unknown
Legal Status: Off The Grid
Marital Status: Unknown
Sexual Orientation: Rumors of Bisexuality
Known Relatives: Unknown
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Known Powers
Nothing abnormal or superhuman known
Known Abilities
Practiced Brawler, Aptitude for Confidence Trickery and Legerdemain, Skilled Markswoman
Brown Trenchcoat, Fedora, Rifle, Glasses, Cigarettes, Playing Cards



Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INTJ [1]

Under her deceptively conventional appearance lies a perceptive mind that travels the breadth and depth of universal mysteries, contemplating its multilayered complexity, seeking the trends that will define the future. With time, clarity of vision comes. When it comes, she is propelled towards the vision and all her actions lead to it. She is perseverant behind a quiet exterior and will often come back with her vision long after everyone believes she has let it go. What she sees is so clear and obvious to her she is often surprised to find that others cannot see it as well. She may find it difficult to articulate the necessary steps towards implementation or to explain how each goal fits into the larger picture. Her mind usually travels from the past to the future, seeking to fit a particular situation in a large context. It picks up patterns, symbols and images from different seemingly unrelated fields, identifies similarities and provides meaning. This can help solve problems by juxtaposing ideas, finding analogies or simply by rooting out the quintessential reality, discovering the origin in universal stories and human experiences, culling wisdom from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. Her mind naturally travels from the microcosm to the macrocosm. She regularly has to face the difficulties of bringing dreams into reality. The time and effort it takes is always more than what her intuition initially suggested. She is determined, perseverant, inspired and often see things just around the corner, into the near or far future.


Friends and Allies

Veteran SummonPet.png

Known Enemies

Powers and Abilities

Skills of the Gunfighter

BuckShot.png Burst.png FullAuto.png Slug.png SniperRifle.png

Confidence Trickery

Concentration.png PsionicShockwave.png Scare.png Subduel.png

Equipment and Cigarettes

Ignite.png Baseballbat.png BodyArmor.png Bowandarrow.png CreyPistol.png Extinguisher.png JumpJet.png Revolver.png Sledgehammer.png Throwingknives.png UndeadSlayingAxe.png

General Staying Alive Abilities

Tough.png Hurdle.png Acrobatics.png CombatJump.png Weave.png Brawl.png JumpKick.png Kick.png TelekineticThrust.png Defiance.png Stealth.png Invisibility.png Quick.png Sprint.png Rest.png Health.pngStamina.png

The Special Kind of Training Only Paragon Provides

AtlasMedallion.png ElusiveMind.png Eye Of The Magus.png Geas Of Kind Ones.png PhalanxReserve.png Portal Jockey.png Task Force Cmmndr.png Vanguard Medal.png

Knowledge of the Underground

TeleportBase.png Pocket D.png Wentworths.png

Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses

-Outside of her ability to know when she is in way over her head and get the fuck out, Pel is as susceptible as any regular human to the various things that can harm squishy humans, and can be just as overpowered or outnumbered as anyone else.

- Tends to be extremely paranoid and self-serving when threatened, favoring keeping herself alive and safe above all other things, even if that means abandoning her post and her momentary allies.


Spoilers end here.

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