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Succubus Half
Player: Yuki
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: Succubus 0.5 (official documents, including Hero Registration); Succubus 1/2; Evette
Species: Succubus
Age: Appears to be about 24
Height: 5'4"
Weight: Appears to be about 130; Actual weight closer to 100, due to lightweight alloys used in limb replacements
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Black, with gray highlights
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (usually); Hell (when depressed, angry, frustrated, etc.)
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Succubus Birthing Chamber, Hell
Base of Operations: Springfield, Missouri
Marital Status: Married (poly)
Known Relatives: Jules (Julie) Lawson (husband); Tabitha (Tabby) Lawson-Hodges (wife)
Known Powers
Dark Melee; Dark Armor
Known Abilities
Fluent in all languages, highly charismatic and seductive
Varies - she's always experimenting with items she finds or has recommended to her
Is currently hunted by a Springfield-based "Hero" group known as "The Justifiers", for the crime of surviving their attack on her, and serving as a witness against them in the state's prosecution of the entire group for mass murder.



June 21, 2010
an abandoned used car dealership in Springfield, MO. The dealership had been abandoned since the Rikti war, but over the last year, Jules Lawson's monitoring probes had been noticing people moving about it, cleaning it up, installing new furnishings, embedding ritual symbols in the floor, and marking it up with the signs that it had been taken over by the Circle of Thorns.
This night, Jules noticed that the cultists had brought in a number of bound, gagged, and blindfolded people, and had reported his observations to the police. When The Justifiers, Springfield's local superhero group, showed up, Jules cranked up the shielding on his own home, a converted warehouse not far from the auto dealership, to full and went to bed, assuming the police would shortly be there to pick up any cultists who didn't manage to escape.
June 22, 2010
Jules sent his robots into the Circle of Thorns base to collect any interesting devices that might have been left behind, and to retrieve any of his monitors that hadn't been destroyed or collected since the night before. What he found, shocked and horrified him, and he was forced to begin working closely with the police again, after a five-year hiatus, in order to bring the villains responsible--The Justifiers--to justice.
Within the Circle of Thorns base, Jules found the body of a succubus, nearly dead, raped, tortured, and mutilated with silver weapons, so that he had to amputate her wings, her tail, one arm, the other hand, and both feet, in order to save her life. She had lost her right eye in the attack, and had to undergo nineteen hours of surgery to remove every trace of silver from her wounds, before she began to heal in any reasonable fashion. He began calling her "Evette" as he worked on her, trying to save her life.
June 25, 2010
Evette woke for the first time since her attack, screaming in terror. Jules and Tabby were able to soothe her back to sleep, and she woke again, a couple hours later, with no more control over her body than a newborn, thanks to the brain damage done in the attack. As she began to understand her condition: one arm gone, both feet gone, the other hand gone, her wings and one eye gone, she nearly gave in to despair. However, with Jules and Tabby cuddling her as they discussing her condition, she recovered enough of herself to understand that she needed sex, and she wasn't going to get any better without it. With effort, she convinced Jules and Tabby to give her what she needed, and soon healed enough that she could communicate with them, even if the parts that had been poisoned by silver would never regenerate.
July 4, 2010
Evette left Jules' house for the first time since her attack, even if it was just to go to the roof with Jules and Tabby to enjoy the Independence Day celebrations. When she instinctively reacted to protect Jules and Tabby at the sight and sound of explosions in the sky, they realized she had become a hero sometime during her convalescence, and began planning for her to go to Paragon City for training that neither of them could offer.
July 5, 2010
Evette admits to having been born on June 21, in response to the CoT summoning ritual, and implanted with the data of several thousand years of human history, as well as her duties in regard to both Hell and the mages who summoned her. She also admits to not knowing, thanks to her birth-programming, the difference between sex and love, so Jules and Tabby begin the job of teaching her about love.
October, 2010
Jules and Tabby believe that Evette is as ready as she ever will be, and send her to Paragon City to begin learning how to control and use her powers, and how to live and work with other metahumans. As a final gift, they help her design a ring that she can use to identify those people she considers special enough to make a part of her family. The ring is made of red gold, in the form of a single rose, wrapped about the wearer's finger, with the flower's petals made of ruby chips, surrounded by leaves made of emerald chips. Evette altered the design slightly for her betrothal ring, which is designed to twine with a matching wedding ring. The wedding ring has the same design, except the flower and leaves are made of diamond chips.
January, 2011
Evette has an unforeseen adverse reaction to metals used in her implants, which requires an emergency evacuation to Springfield, and several months of surgery and rehabilitation to replace the bad implants and repair the damage done by the rejection. Unfortunately, the rejection of her neural implants left her with gaping holes in her memory, mostly surrounding the two or three months before the disaster. She vaguely remembers faces and emotions from Paragon City, but nothing more specific. In the process of replacing the rejected implants, Tabby attempts an experimental procedure that regrows Evette's tail, restoring her sense of balance and completeness.
June, 2011
Jules and Tabby are convinced they have done all they can for Evette, and any further rehabilitation can only be accomplished by returning her to Paragon City, where they hope her memories will be re-awakened by exposure to the connections she has made there. When she arrives in Paragon City, she naturally gravitates to Pocket D, where she encounters Syren's Song and Knockout Avenger, and -- thanks to her succubus metabolism and regenerative abilities -- they each give her exactly what she needs to re-forge her connections with them, and recover her memories of her time with them.

A Natural History of Succubi

Contrary to human mythology, succubi do not steal souls. Not in the way usually thought of, that is. Succubi are negotiating agents for Hell, designed specifically for that purpose, and created as needed to respond to human summons, to negotiate deals which will result in Hell gaining an advantage in the mortal world. To ensure she performs as required, a succubus is designed so that the only way she can gain the energy she needs to live is to be either near to, or participating in, sexual activity. She does not harm those engaging in that activity when she does so: she merely needs the energy they produce while engaging in sexual activity in order to live.

A succubus is eternally youthful and beautiful, because she is created at the time of summoning, designed specifically for the summoner, out of a pool of raw demonic matter--what Evette refers to as Demon DNA--that is the source of all demons other than the demonic princes, from imps to pit fiends. Each succubus is programmed with full knowledge of sex, seduction, negotiating tactics, languages, human history and culture, and whatever else she needs to complete her mission--but not one single thing more. Thus, a succubus who looks to be in her late teens or early twenties might actually be only a few minutes old, and despite being able to talk rings around a Harvard lawyer, knows nothing of human existence outside of the data that was programmed into her brain when she was created.

One thing succubi are notably lacking in, is any concept of love, making love, or any other form of intimate personal emotional/spiritual connection with another living being. Thus, to a succubus operating in her normal environment, a human is nothing more than a pawn to be played on whatever gameboard she has been sent to act as Hell's player for. This is not to say a succubus can't learn--only that she doesn't come equipped with any knowledge or understanding of these concepts. Acquiring that knowledge is a traumatic experience--and usually requires traumatic triggers to initiate the acquisition. Such as being saved from certain death, and nursed back to health, by a human.

The average succubus comes equipped with magical abilities that augment her natural programming: empathy, telepathy, seduction, mind control, all of these are a part of her arsenal. For defense, a succubus can rely on basic spells of shielding, warding, and negative energy projection, which are all she needs under most circumstances.


After being rescued and rebuilt by Jules and Tabby, Evette is now a succubus with a number of cybernetic replacements and augmentations. Except for the occasional flashback, her disposition is sunny and cheerful, making the most of her circumstances. While she's unable to turn off her natural charm, she doesn't go out of her way to seduce men. Thanks to the memories implanted in her at her creation, she "remembers" having been summoned repeatedly over thousands of years, especially around grand sabbats like Halloween and Midsummer's Day, and being used for sex by her summoners.

Because of the implanted memories, and because the Justifiers used rape as part of their torture, now that she can choose for herself, she finds her tastes run both toward women and toward being the one in control. Despite considering Jules and Tabby to be her spouses (spice?), Evette will occasionally pick up a submissive woman and make a pet of her, at least for as long as it brings pleasure to both of them.


Having lost most of her connection to Hell, Evette no longer has the vast arsenal of magical powers she had when created. Oh, she can still sense emotions as readily as most people breathe, and she can still understand every language ever used by any living species, after just a few seconds exposure, but she can't throw spells around the way a ninja throws shaken. Instead, she uses what's left of her connection to Hell to draw armor of negative energy around herself, and to wrap negative energy around her hands, augmenting the damage they produce when she punches an enemy.


Evette appears, from a distance, to be a typical black-haired succubus. It's only when you get close enough to make out details that you can see the differences.


As a new arrival to Paragon City, Evette is still making friends, but she has already met some people she is willing to consider for the label.


Evette's family is an exclusive group, with her first husband and wife still in Springfield, where she is the Medical Examiner, and he is a freelance mad scientist and inventor, and independent consultant to a number of city, county, and state agencies, for which he does materials testing, evidence analysis, and engineering work.

In Paragon City, Evette's Family consists of:

Syren Song
Evette's Betrothed. Evette first met her accidentally, in Pocket D, and their love was sealed as they shared their devotion to fighting evil. After their shared Halloween weekend, Evette pledged troth to Syren Song in private, after a raid on a minor Rikti facility. All they lack now is someone who can perform the ceremony that will seal their pledged love.
Knockout Avenger
They met while dancing to DJ Pheonix in Pocket D, and quickly ended up exploring their attraction to each other. The two of them are lovers, partners, and Mistress and pet, as Knockout Avenger has pledged herself to Evette, and Evette has promised to do everything in her power to love, cherish, and protect Knockout Avenger.
Evette's slave/pet/sextoy, a woman who is also known as "Milk and Honey", because she has the aura of milk and honey about her, even in her personal scent. Evette found her in Galaxy City, and the two of them were drawn together by a shared connection to shadows, which they are still exploring.
Lavendar Amperage
Evette's slave/pet, a pure and sweet girl whose submissive nature drew her to Evette as soon as they met.


Prototype Gemeni
Evette isn't quite sure what to make of this robot/human hybrid. She's not the traditional cyborg, because she was originally built as a robot, yet she is, in a way, because when she was rebuilt, she had human parts added. She claims to be from some place called "Praetoria", which Evette had never heard of until meeting her. Their initial meeting went badly, but that seems to have been patched up and the two are working on developing their friendship.
Runaway Inferno
She prefers her friends call her "Vi", which Evette is happy to do. She's a demon from one of the Hells that's in opposition to the Christian deities, who ran away from home because she doesn't like hurting people. Still, she retains her demonic power, even as the beings from her Hell are hunting her. Evette loves her personality, and if she seemed just a little more mature, might consider trying her as a lover. But for now, she's like a cute little sister who Evette feels protective of and loves to pieces.
A human who's been touched by the Great Old Ones, thanks to encounters with Deep Ones and an overly-eager mage who put a Lesser Elder Sign on her chest. Her name is Erica, and while Evette knows there's likely to never be any sexual relationship between them, she enjoys her company as a friend.
Shira Frostshiver
One of the most rare beings Evette knows of, a Frost Witch, she is just as beautiful as the legends say, and just as sweet and lacking in hostile motives. As soon as she met her, Evette immediately felt the desire to protect her. Despite some initial worry due to Evette's species, Shira and Evette hit it off and soon began the process of becoming friends.
A sweet, cute, innocent girl who doesn't seem to truly understand what she's getting herself into in the hero business. Evette feels all kinds of confusing, protective feelings toward her, without a trace of sexual interest at all. The girl is literally too kawaii to awaken Evette's sexual hunger. Evette took to calling her "Fillie" right from the start, because she gives the impression of a fillie in the way she takes in the world.
Lexy Delicious
An exotic dancer from Las Vegas, and a virtuoso with claws. Lexy and Evette hit it off right away, with their friendship cemented over a quick round of "Stomp the Warrior".
Megaton Impact
An enormous brute of a woman, looks like she's a beautiful woman who someone tried to turn into a pit fiend, without taking away her beauty. Evette treats her like a sister she can rely on and look up to (literally!).
A gentleman who she's fairly certain is a dragon, although he's neither confirmed nor denied that identification. He was the first person to treat her as a friend, and she considers him a strong, gentlemanly, reliable companion.
Sgt. Arterious
One of those odd humans whose power has caused him to grow to enormous size compared to his peers, he's a sweet and gentle guy when not in combat, who seems to enjoy offering his help to people. Evette has fond, sisterly feelings toward him.
General Nemkus/Nemkel
A general from another world, Nem doesn't see Evette as any weirder than any of the other people in Paragon City, so she's never had to face that uphill climb she does when dealing with humans. He projects an air that makes Evette feel comfortable, like what someone has described as "grandfatherly".


Jessica Hope
A twelve-year-old Arachnos agent, apparently a Crab Spider, with an amazing lack of common sense. Apparently, in her mind, anyone who self-identifies as a hero is an immediate threat to Arachnos, and must be neutralized without consideration of whether the hero cares whether Arachnos exists, let alone whether it needs to be immediately battled. Needless to say, while Arachnos is still not even on Evette's list of priority targets, said twelve-year-old is.
Circle of Thorns
Aside from the fact that their agents summoned her to Earth in the first place, and share responsibility with the Justifiers for the slaughter of two dozen innocents, Evette despises them because they use magic for evil, just like she did when she was still an agent of Hell. In a way, hunting the CoT is cathartic for Evette, as it allows her to use her abilities to fight her memories of what she once was.

The Justifiers

Based in Springfield, Missouri, the Justifiers is a super group that is sponsored by a coalition of local churches that considers the Assemblies of God to be too liberal and accomodating. The membership of the Justifiers is drawn from individuals in those churches that have the required abilities. They were considered a part of the Springfield hero scene, until the end of June, 2010, when the entire group was charged with two dozen counts of murder, aggravated assault, rape, and false imprisonment. They dropped out of sight when the charges were announced, and are still, as far as anyone knows, at large.

Known members include:

Professor Photon
Until five years ago, Wilbur J. Tancredo was known as Doctor Capacitor, until he was stripped of his hero license and sent to prison for attempted murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, arson, and reckless endangerment. His absence from prison was not known until the events of Midsummer's Day, and the discovery spawned an investigation that revealed extensive infiltration of the Missouri prison system by members of the coalition supporting the Justifiers. He is known to be able to absorb energy (electrical, light, etc.) and use it to power his attacks, all of which are variations on photonic beams. He is known to have no sense of responsibility for his actions, to use his powers to bully and threaten others (including others who are presumed to be helping him, such as his defense attorney when he was on trial), and to be something of a berserker when in combat.
The Crusader
Wearing the armor and tabard of a Crusader, this man uses medieval weaponry to bring "the justice of Jesus" to evildoers.
Dead to the World
Once, this man was a minor criminal mastermind known as "The Necro-Mantic", but since he was "Born Again", he uses his necromantic powers, both as a traveling evangelist (among the coalition of churches supporting the Justifiers) and as a hero. Nothing like seeing a zombie walk down the aisle of a church to make the wavering renew their vows of faith.
The Zealot
He looks like an ordinary homeless man, until he unleashes his power of radiant energy. Usually, he is seen feeding energy to the rest of the Justifiers and healing their injuries in battle.

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