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Player: @Rache'thulu
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 24
Personal Data
Real Name: Katherine Jane Andersson
Known Aliases: Kat, Kitty, Jane
Species: Altered Human
Age: 19
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 98lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown/Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: College Student (Physics and Chemistry)
Place of Birth: Boston Mass.
Base of Operations: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: David and Claudia Andersson (Parents, 42 and 39) Daniel Andersson (Younger Brother , 17) Erica Andersson (Older Sister, 21)
Known Powers
Supersonic Screams, Altered sense of body and of balance, Augmented hearing, and Assisted Echolocation
Known Abilities
Avid user of Parkour (Freerunning) and acrobatics/gymnastics
Various homemade and store-bought gadgets. Such as smoke grenades, gas masks, cell phones, two way radios, spy-cams, microphone-bugs, and web grenades



Katherine Jane Andersson. Born in Boston on November 13th, 1988. Jane, as she prefers to be called by her friends, went to public school for most of her academic career. Born to an Upper Middle class family in Boston, she spent a good deal of her time living a normal American life. The only thing abnormal about it was her extra-curricular activities. Most teens her age went to baseball practice or gymnastics for fun. She did it because her parents wanted her out of the house. At age 14 her father's hard work and dedication finally paid off. Through careful investments and good business sense, David Andersson became a multi-millionaire, his business became a corporation, and his family was thrust into the lap of luxury like a fussy cat being assaulted by a spoiled little girl.

A family of devout Catholic Republicans, her family strongly believed in the sanctity of marriage. The wrongness of abortion. The deviance of homosexuals. And the genetic nightmare of mutation. It should come as no shock that their own daughter should fall into one of these groups. Fortunately for our story; the last group. Over the course of her life, Jane suffered numerous ear infections and had issues with swimming. Her balance was astounding, but that was explained by several years of gymnastics training.

It wasn't until she was sixteen, in a private school, that her mutation finally became apparent, if only to her. Whilst performing a double hand-spring into a somersault for a floor show rehearsal she tumbled through the air, clutched her ears, and screamed in pain, and collapsed to the mat. When the pain subsided she excused herself from class and headed for the nurse's office. All the way there, however, she heard things... Things she shouldn't have been able to hear.

Over the next few months she found her balance. Her hearing. And her Voice. By the time she was 18, she and her family moved to Paragon City.

The move had nothing to do with Jane's newly gained and extremely secret powers. Her father had decided to expand his business, and the capital of heroes and science seemed the best idea. Especially since he had learned of his wife's infidelity and trysts with her boyfriends in Boston.

Now Swallow does her best to fight crime whenever she can. Taking internet college courses, she's fooled her family into thinking her daytime crime-fighting excursions are her just heading to class. And in the evenings she locks herself in her room to do classwork remotely.


All during her formative years, Jane was shy, quiet, and self-conscious. She, like her family, didn't understand her proclivity towards ear infections and related illness. Add in the fact that her older sister is a beauty queen and currently a glamour model traveling Europe on the virtue of her looks alone and you might see why. With her younger brother the quarterback of the school team and her older sister the former head cheerleader, she often found herself lost in the shuffle. The sickly sibling, left behind in everything but academia. This led to her more withdrawn personality. What few friends she made in Boston were social outcasts, because that is how she perceived herself.


She may not hold a candle to her sister's flawless physique or her brother's muscled frame. But Swallow is a lithe, swift, and capable person. Athletically built with slightly broader than average shoulders, a nod to her father's side. This raven haired crimefighter is quite attractive. With cerulean blue eyes and soft but angular features, she's pretty but approchable. Unlike some of the heroines of the city!

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The Swallow is known to produce sonic blasts in the form of screams. She's capable of reaching frequencies that can physically injure targets with hard, pounding gusts of wind and by causing their bodies to vibrate painfully. How she directs this force to strike specific targets is unknown. Swallow also has a keen sense of self and balance. This allows her to leap through the air, tumbling, for much farther distances than she could normally jump. Trained as a gymnast and acrobat, she's able to make astonishingly long jumps. Combined with her fascination with Parkour (or Freerunning, as it's known in America) only makes her rooftop escapades more interesting. Her hearing is beyond excellent. She can hear and understand whispered conversations as far away as thirty feet clearly, and somehow filters sound to avoid damage to her hearing She's also known to have a fondness for gadgets. Some of her own laborious creation, others store bought. Some gifts from other heroes.


So far she's shown amazing resilience to most attacks thanks to innovations applied to her suit by herself, the Green Adder, and Serge of Icon. However she seems to be terrified of water deeper than her waist, and outright refuses to swim if asked.


Currently Swallow spends most of her time with the Whisperflame, the Green Adder, or Angel At Dawn. She's been seen twice with Devil by Night. But hasn't spent -much- time with her. The Neo-Gremlin has recently made contact with the Swallow, and they're already showing signs of becoming fast friends.


Though the Banished Pantheon have given her a strong run for her money in the past week or so, Swallow has not dyed in the wool Villains. She fights against all comers to save who she can, when she can. Though this may change...


Though primarily a heroine of King's Row and Faultline, she's recently been seen working in Talos Island. It's known that her secret lair has been compromised by the Banished Pantheon recently. During her trials against them to stop the reconstruction of the Wheel of Destruction she secreted one of the pieces in her base. Later, after fighting the Pantheon tooth and nail, she found the Nest destroyed. It's unknown exactly where she's been staying. But the safe money is with the Green Adder.

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