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I fixed your pictures, you had the right idea, but you're suppose to name them something unique. You'll see what I mean in the edit window. Enjoy! 10/6/07 3am -Grifolken

Transhade Main.jpg
Transhade patrolling Dark Astoria.
Player: @Transhade or User:Gunsmoke1084
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Transhade
Known Aliases: Trans, The Man, Boss, Commander
Species: Dark Elven
Age: 508
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eye Color: Yellow (Darkvision)
Hair Color: Black (shoulder length)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Homeworld of Norrath
Occupation: Shadow Knight
Place of Birth: Neriak
Base of Operations: King's Row
Marital Status: Married
Known Relatives: Xephirra (wife)
Known Powers
Greatsword Expertise, Shadow Armor, Super Jump
Known Abilities
PPD Scanner, Comm Link Headset, Greatsword of Death, Mystical Shadow Armor
No additional information available.







Dark Elves have a reputation for being ruthless. Their training methods are equally so. The results, when successful, produce an efficient, tactical killing machine. Transhade is an example of such successful training. Trained as a Shadowknight, Transhade is a strong willed, disciplined and matter of fact in his analysis of a situation. People have remarked that his nature is cold and distant. Those who have come to know him find him to be pragmatic and intelligent.

Character History

Transhade battling the Circle of Thorns.


Transhade is a Dark Elf Shadow Knight of Neriak(cavern city) which is located deep in the forest of Netlukos.

While on patrol with his companions Grifolken and Xephirra, deep in the Plane of Nightmare, a portal opened up creating a great vacuum, which engulfed them. Upon arriving on this world they were greeted in a very inhospitable manner, imprisonment. The Circle of Thorns was attempting to tap into other planes of existance and reap more power for themselves. Those unlucky individuals who got captured by their grasp were then tortured and eventually merged with the dark powers they wield in an attempt to create demonic slaves. Transhade was able to break free before being imprisoned and managed to escape the clutches of the Circle of Thorns eventually bringing back a rescue party of various heroes to save his wife, Xephirra and friend, Grifolken and destroy the portal that they created losing his sword in the process.

Assessing the situation, Transhade came to the realization that he could not risk returning home. While he knew the many factions of this world were fumbling through harnessing portals, however remote the likelihood of them recreating the link to his world, the toll on his people could be devastating given the sheer numbers the dark elves would have to face. Realizing that he is trapped on this world and must not allow further incursions from here to his world, Transhade has chosen to listen to the advice of his long time and trusted companion Grifolken by learning to "integrate" with the humans. By doing so he also can thwart any attempts he learns on finding his world.

Transhade views the humans of this world as woefully lacking in discipline and tactical prowess. Because of this, Transhade has devoted significant time in training those who submit to his tutelage.

Current Events

10/5/07 On an assault of a Circle of Thorns stronghold, Transhade learned that the Circle of Thorns still possesses his sword but they have been unable to tap into its magical abilities. Transhade has devoted his time into searching for more clues to retrieve his blade.


Broad Sword and the ability to draw power from shadows ((Dark Armor)).



Transhade just inside the Ruins Entrance.

Rogues Gallery

To contact this character's creator

Send a message in game... Global handle: @Transhade

Creator Notes and Trivia

An Everquest 1 character remake, as are all of the dark elves in Underworld Legion.



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