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  • Doctor Mysterion: Franklin Mysteria, Father of Simon Mysteria, confidante of Brock Barnes. A former mage and protector of the world who descended into alcoholism after the death of his wife. He currently runs a cluttered and disreputable-looking occult/new age store in Kings Row called Mysterion's Mystic Holistics. Hero contact and information trader.

  • Armbar: Reformed Freakshow lieutenant. Now makes a living competing in underground super-powered fight clubs. Hero contact.

  • The Golden Crane: Oroku Kai, master martial artist and former superhero. Operates an out-of-the-way dojo in Kings Row.

  • Canyon: A powerful earth-controlling mutant who considers himself Talos Island's guardian.

  • Guitar Hero: Sven Masterson. Norse demigod who wields an enchanted electric guitar capable of felling the most fearsome of giants.

  • Ghosthunter: Franklin Faust, occult and paranormal detective. Hero contact.

  • Suplex: Armando Gonz├ílez, professional luche libre wrestler who possesses the strength of ten men while wearing the Amulet of Ages, an artifact passed down from generation to generation in his family.

  • Mythmaker: Alyssa Morrison, professional horror writer who's able to turn fiction into fact just by wishing. Hero contact.

  • Girder: Doug Branson, the man of metal. Former construction worker who unfortunately got in the way of a matter-manipulating supervillain who turned his skin to carbon steel.


  • F.I.S.H: The Federal Investigation and Superhuman Holdings (or F.I.S.H.) division is the premiere agency that deals with metahuman terrorist threats.

  • Monsternon: A non-profit organization dedicated to providing moral support and assistance to those who've recently been transformed into hideous monsters by radiation, chemicals, magic or industrial accidents.

  • Humans First: A pro-human organization who campaign (often violently) against aliens, intelligent animals, artificial intelligenci, and non-human looking metahumans.

  • Prime 8: Herr Silverback and his Chimpanzerfaust Troops. A mad scientist who transferred his brain into a genetically enhanced gorilla. He leads an army of similarly enhanced henchman. Scratch that. Hench-apes.

  • Obsidian International: Owned and operated by an evil warlock named Mortas masquerading as a powerful business magnate, The Obsidian Foundation is an extremely large and successful megacorporation that was founded primarily to serve as a front to Mortas' criminal enterprise and has dozens of subsidiaries and divisions in fields ranging from robotics, aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, agriculture, energy, and transportation.

  • The Zodiac: Criminal agency led by a villain who calls himself The Astrologer. Supervillains backed by agents. Intent on ruling as much of the world as they can grab. The Astrologer was once Sagittarius, of the original Zodiac hero team. No one knows what caused him to turn to villainy.

  • The Damocles Directive: US Government Agency that offers metahuman criminals facing execution a deal: perform certain tasks for the government and receive reduced sentences for their crimes.

  • The Devil's Own: Supervillain team. A band of super-powered serial killers who consider creating a bloodbath as a fine way to spend an afternoon. Given their powers by the Blood Red King, a powerful dark sorcerer. Coffin, Bleed, Night Fiend, Madame Umbra.
  • Gaea's Children: Environmental terrorists led by Chlorofear, the pheromone manipulating villainess. Organic, Harbor, Grassroot & Zephyr V.

  • Abnormal Amusement: An all-female team of anarchist supervillains who also happen to be an underground metalcore band at the same time. Metal Kiss, Whip Trip, and Ruthless Rhythm.

  • The Court of Plunder: A collection of thieves, pirates, urchins, black market traders and all other sorts of underworldly types who've created a religion out of upending the social order, one crime at a time.

  • Blackwatch: A supernatural para-military corporation whose agents tend to be wizards or other supernatural beings. They are some of the most expensive mercenaries in the world, but they're also some of the most effective. They have a reputation for brutality that most potential clients tend to overlook.


  • Rhyme & Reason: Peter & Penelope Ford, a deranged brother/sister duo obsessed with the works of Lewis Carroll. Penelope speaks in rhyme while her brother is quite fond of riddles.

  • Killer Serve: A former table-tennis pro who was bounced from tournaments for using superhuman performance-enhancing drugs, Roderick Pong possesses Hyperkinesis, the ability to predict trajectory by eyesight. Uses gimmicked exploding Ping-Pong balls.

  • Brainwash: Brian 'The Brain' Pataki. Psychic and telekinetic mob boss. Also a brain in a jar.

  • Knockout: Armando Vega, former Golden Gloves boxer who was banned from the sport after he was caught throwing fights for the mob. Joined the underground and illegal superhuman fight circuit in The Rogue Isles after replacing his arms with cybernetic prosthetics.

  • The Mechnomaniac: Harlan Ray, a disgraced former Crey Industries robotics expert obsessed with achieving physical perfection via cybernetic upgrades. More machine than man, Ray commands a legion of armored robots.

  • Baby Boom: Bernard Short. A dwarven demolitions expert with a severe Napoleon Complex and a hyper-jingoistic mentality. Very short fuse.

  • Binary Man: A rogue artificial intelligence masquerading as a supervillain.

  • Diamond King: Warren Ellison, professional jewel-thief who, after stealing the fabled Awazaki Diamond, possesses the ability to transform his body into organic diamond

  • The Terror Twins: Mindy and Mandy Terra, two gifted young women with extremely potent telepathic abilities. The twins share a mental bond, and together, their psychic abilities are amplified to the point where they can control the minds of others.

  • Tyros the Conqueror: Tyros Van, an extra-dimensional wizard hailing from a dimension where magic and technology exists as one. Bent on world domination

  • Bleed: A brutal and unforgiving vigilante with the ability to cool, heat up, and control the flow of another person's blood.

  • Megahurt: Rockstar Johnny St. Austin, mutant with the ability to absorb sound and convert it into physical strength.

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