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Trey's arms are folded in 80% of his pictures. In another 19% he's drinking.
Player: @PsEG
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Trey Jordan
Known Aliases: Wheel
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Getaway driver/freelance worker
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Base of Operations: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: No known
Known Powers
Punching people and/or things
Known Abilities
Automobile driving, drinking, neither in unison
None known
He'd have a few cars if there were actually any dealerships. Or decent cars.

Trey "Wheelman" Jordan (Born October 2nd, 1980) is a former getaway driver and outside contractor for Arachnos. He currently works behind a desk for the Legitimate Businessmen.

Trey Jordan grew up an automotive fanatic, resorting to auto theft and joyriding in his teenage years to try out new cars that piqued his interest, and earning him the nickname "Wheelman"[1] from other petty criminals in the area. His experience was later put to use as a getaway driver for bank robberies, where his talent behind the wheel remained flawless until the death of his associates in a botched Rhode Island bank robbery. Wheelman spent time in prison furious over the death of his closest associate, Shawn Myers, and resorted to drug use and weight training until his escape due to an Arachnos raid. Wheelman's newfound strength helped him garner respect in the Rogue Isles, and after ascending the ranks of Arachnos, broke off to do freelance work on his own terms.


Beginning of the Wheelman

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Trey Jordan was exposed to the American auto industry and several Formula One races at a young age, and like countless others living in and around the Motor City, he gained a love for fast, stylish cars. While most car fanatics would be content to pour over the pages of the latest Car & Driver or Autoweek, Trey wanted to experience the cars the magazines covered first-hand, even if his family's financial situation made it hard for him to even touch a luxury car, much less look at it.

Good thing other people buy these fancy cars, right? Sometimes they'll even leave them parked in public lots, where young men can stare through the window, walk around the vehicle in awe, and when nobody's looking and the mere fantasy of ownership falls short, these young men might just break into the car and take it for themselves. This would be Jordan's path of logic, and once he was old enough to reach the pedals, he took any intriguing car for a joyride.

Not to say he did this without trouble; on the contrary, Trey Jordan was arrested several times, as his novice driving skills (and in the case of a stolen Corvette, his inexperience with manual transmission) often ruined his chances of escaping the law. As a juvenile, though, the meager punishments gave him the opportunity to hone his technique with little consequence. By the time Trey Jordan reached adulthood, the police could not match his speed or skill. He evaded the law on a daily basis, and spent much of his time working with chop shops as a car thief. His wildly successful exploits earned him the nickname "Wheelman," and also introduced him to other highly successful criminals, including his best friend Shawn Myers.

The Myers Crew

In 1999, Trey Jordan met Shawn Myers during a planning session for the theft of a well-secured parking garage in Illinois. Their gutsy insight lead not only to dozens of stolen cars, but a quick friendship as well.

After a few years of theft around the Midwest, Myers took his closest associates aside, Jordan included, and convinced them all that a life of leisure through bank robberies was well within their reach. This decision to make their livings off of high-risk robberies formed the Myers Crew, with Wheelman as the getaway driver in all situations.

Their great success, with exciting bank robberies and tense escapes from the police, made them underground legends to many criminal outfits in Michigan. Myers often threw parties in celebration of his crew's exploits, with enough booze and women to leave any guy in a drunken stupor of bliss. Wheelman, who was just a lanky, sharply-dressed getaway driver at this time, avoided partaking in most of the partying, partially because he cared more about the cars and driving than the celebration, and also because his more muscled and attractive cohorts in the Myers Crew usually ended up getting all the attention. Save for one girl, a leader of a small-time Detroit gang[2], Wheelman remained a wallflower, merely enjoying beer and champagne on his own until Myers had another job in mind.

Failure in Rhode Island

By early 2004, the success of the Myers Crew made their jobs more difficult than ever. Police in Detroit were on the hunt for Shawn Myers, and despite Trey Jordan's skill behind the wheel, the chases were longer and harder to escape from than ever. It was at this point that Myers decided his crew needed to get out of Michigan, and aim for a richer target: Rhode Island. The rise of Paragon City, ever after the Rikti War, had affected the entire state of Rhode Island positively, even as crime continued to rise in Paragon itself. Myers targeted a large bank far outside of Paragon City, hoping to avoid super-powered interference, and hired a few new associates more familiar with the area to help him pull off the job.

The results were disastrous. Myers's new accomplices completely underestimated the security of the bank, and their violent reaction to the arrival of police led to a shoot-out killing all the criminals inside, along with a handful of innocent bystanders. Trey Jordan was arrested while moving the getaway car into the position, unprepared for a high-speed escape, and unaware that he was now the only surviving member of the Myers Crew. He plead guilty to his long list of crimes, and was sentenced to life in the Zig, his wish to go to a prison in Michigan being turned down due to a lack of capacity[3].

Transformation Period

Trey was furious over the death of his friend Shawn Myers and his life in prison, sending him into an emotional low of immense frustration and near-suicidal behavior. Only allowing himself to be called Wheelman in prison, he began working out intensely, building muscle and losing the appearance of a weakling. This obsessive exercise was coupled with Wheelman's new willingness to try whatever drugs filtered through the Zig, from steroids to the more exotic drugs a super-powered city held, and only built his muscle and strength even further.

Restarting with Arachnos

Enjoying a drink after reminding Lord Recluse he's not that destined one
As the Arachnos raids continued on the Zig in late 2005, Wheelman eventually found himself freed by Arachnos as a low-priority target, unlikely of becoming the Destined One Lord Recluse was searching for. Since the Rogue Isles had little need for any getaway drivers, Wheelman used his newfound brawn and anger over Shawn Myers's death as the extra muscle Arachnos and other organizations needed. Any task where someone had money and a mission, Wheelman was more than happy to undertake.

A Bad Choice

After surprising Arachnos with his success, Wheelman was put through Project: Destiny, and like every villain before him, ended up handing Recluse his mask to prove he could kill him in a fight. This honestly shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, considering the pile of masks behind Lord Recluse. After this whole practice of absurdity, Wheelman backed off his full-time criminal exploits, already having built up a decent amount of money on his own. Realizing that he could fight for himself and didn't need a car or Shawn Myers to succeed, Wheelman finally accepted Shawn's death and moved on.

Freelancing Days

Wheelman's workload is much slimmer since he switched to working part-time. During this time he finalized a full-time contract to the Legitimate Businessmen for all their driving needs[4]. All the free time initially led to a bit of socializing around the Rogue Isles and elsewhere.

Too Many Damn Women

Dealing with the drama of some worthless messed-up girl
Perhaps there was a bit too much intimate socializing. A lot of unnecessary drama transpired as Wheelman used his rugged looks to have the romances he never could attain with the Myers Crew. It turns out that every super-powered female has serious issues, though. There was a psychopath devil girl looking to corrupt people, a huge-breasted blond bimbo with the brain of a walnut, a fae girl who wouldn't shut up about killing her mother, a depressed thief who later committed suicide, his short-term girlfriend from Detroit, a lolita looking for pedophiles and statutory rape, a tough-as-nails demon who suddenly warms up when merely touched, a blind girl who erased Wheelman's memory for a week, and a couple of women who thankfully weren't interested in romance enough to demonstrate how screwed up they were in front of Wheel.

Occasionally there's a gem in the midst of mediocrity, though.


Knox and Wheelman, hanging out after a heist
The first day Wheelman talked to Knox, an Indian girl heavily involved in trafficking, he was hooked, ensnared by her charms. Her unabashed passion and stunning beauty created numerous romantic encounters during their work together, and quite a few public displays of affection that annoyed the crap out of people in the Pocket D. The pair quickly moved in together, and Wheelman even let his hair grow out per Knox's request.

Wheelman and Knox were engaged shortly afterwards. Then Knox dropped a bombshell about being a doppleganger, and disappeared for weeks, later turning up dead. Or something like that -- it all happened pretty quickly. Just goes to show that there's no shortage of drama with super-powered women. I mean, damn.

Returning to Normal

After all the crazy drama and romance, Wheelman's co-workers in the Legitimate Businessmen reminded him that this was just a game and he was turning into a bit of a pathetic pervert. Considering his batting record was awfully low anyways, the RP crap was cut right the hell out.


Wheelman lives up to his namesake, but thanks to turning into a pissy little wanker in the Zig, he can also punch things pretty successfully!

Incredible Driving

Wheelman's driving skills are incredible, God-like, unsurpassed, and add your own adjective here. Were he to enter a racing series somewhere, he'd probably win a championship, or get himself kicked out for aggressive driving. In normal situations when driving, Wheelman is almost impossible to catch. Unless he's driving a tuk-tuk and you've got a supercar, the only way to stop him is to catch him before he starts driving.

Yeah, that's almost God-moding, but it balances out when you consider that this talent is absolutely worthless in his current situation, since the Rogue Isles have few roads and fewer villains slow enough to actually need a car. How awkward.

An artist's rendition of a typical day for Wheelman


Go back to the SERIOUS BUSINESS historical description above, and after every sentence, add, "And then he got drunk."

Yeah. That often.

Wheelman only drinks beer and champagne, however. His favorite beer is Labatt Blue[5], and his favorite champagne is whatever's in front of him.

Punching Things

Yeah, all that weightlifting, steroid use, HGH, and a touch of Superadine really paid off. Wheelman has impressive strength compared to your typical well-dressed goon. Lately, however, the drugs have worn off, and Wheelman isn't as powerful in hand-to-hand as your typical elite hero or villain.

That's just another way of saying he's a Super Strength/Invulnerability Brute who still has just his SO enhancements, and isn't in any hurry to fix that.


Through working with emo swordsman Scirocco, Wheelman learned he had the potential to use lightning, and didn't even need the Mu blessing to utilize it. Rumors have it that unprotected sex with a super-powered woman that could harness lightning brought this odd little issue about.

Wheel gained the blessing of the Mu anyways, not wanting to rely on a simple sexually-transmitted superpower. Through a day or two of training, he gained the ability to give enemies a rather nasty shock, and summon a Mu Striker for a drinking buddy.


  1. Named weeks before that Vin Diesel project, and months before any other car/bike enthusiast arrived in the Rogue Isles. Accept no substitutes.
  2. "Juke Joint Jezebel" Jane Irving led the KMFDM Gang, whose name was chosen because of the undue flack and fear the group KMFDM garnered from uninformed adults after the shootings in Columbine. The KMFDM Gang, however, never experienced great success, and Jane is currently attempting to restart her career in the Rogue Isles.
  3. Plus, why would he be a CoV character if he wasn't in the Zig? Just accept this bit of plot and move on.
  4. Yes, before you ask, the Legitimate Businessmen have no need for drivers. It's called a joke
  5. OK, that's also one of my favorite beers, but I'm not living vicariously through Wheelman! That's not why I slept with all those imaginary women! Well, OK, it totally was. What, you haven't had the occasional vicarious fantasy with your character? I mean, these are heroes and villains, for crying out loud. With super-powers. Sheesh.
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