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My first hero...
She'll blow you away!
Windy Skye
Player: Player2
Origin: Science/Magic/Natural
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Windy Skye (formerly Susan Skye, legally changed)
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 23
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen
Occupation: unemployed, environmental activist
Place of Birth: Paragon City, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Peregrine Island
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Storm Summoning, Electric Blast, Electric Mastery
Known Abilities
Fitness, Flight, Teleportion (limited)
An assortment of magic talismans and conventional weaponry
No additional information available.




"That hippie chick" is what many people remember her as, and its a description that fits well. However, Windy is anything but a typical 70's -ish gal. She has a fierce fighting spirit which she uses to bring peace to others. Having lost her home, family, and many friends could take its toll on the most joyful of souls, but Windy even died herself a couple years back.. the doctors diagnosed her with advanced radiation poisoning and she was pronounced dead by Dr. Seaborn in the Steel Canyon Medical Center on Christmas day of 2005. This, too, has proven insufficient to shake her unflagging cheerful demeanor, and she mysteriously returned from the dead without explanation and resumed her crime-fighting career with previously unseen fervor.

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Windy's powers are an unusual mix of science and magic. She gained them while attempting to aid a fallen hero called Donar, believed by many to be the living incarnation of the Teutonic storm god himself. Donar was overwhelmed by Tsoo mystics while trying to prevent them from stealing some sort of magical rod. After the villains had fled with their prize, Windy went to check on the fallen hero and activated his emergency medical transporter only to find herself in the hospital. Scientists believed Donar's physical form was lost in the teleport and that his mystical energy was somehow bestowed upon Windy when she materialized in his place.

Storm Summoning

Windy possesses the power to manifest all manner of weather related phenomena. She uses this ability very aggressively and often relies on the disorienting nature of her powers to avert the attacks of her foes so that she might engage in melee combat, much like a a scrapper might utilize superior reflexes to put themselves into better position to attack.

Electric Blast

In addition to summoning the fury of the storm, Windy possesses the ability to unleash electrical attacks from her very hands for a variety of effects, including the ability to stun and knock the breath out of her targets.

Electric Mastery

Windy has becoming increasingly skilled at wielding the electrical energy coursing through her. She has been able to manipulate electrical fields into an energy barrier around herself, granting her additional protection when she engages enemies in melee.


Some say she rides on wind currents of her own creation, others believe she has the power of true flight just as Donar had as a divine ability. Windy herself doesn't really think much about how, and she often finds herself hovering a few inches off the ground without realizing how or when she got there.


After returning from the dead, Windy got serious about her combat skills. In addition to training with some of Paragon City's finest heroes, Windy has seemingly befriended the Cabal in Croatoa and gained some measure of magical prowess in her studies with them. She also spent some time undercover amongst the Warriors in Talos Island learning to use a variety of weapons (from bow & arrows to axes and swords, and even improved her hand-to-hand skills before they realized who she was and what she was doing).

Weaknesses and Limitations

When caught off guard, she is as vulnerable to harm as anyone else.


Windy has picked up a variety of magical talismans and tech gadgets in her adventures. Of special interest is her ghost slaying axe... after returning from the grave, she seemed very creeped out by the undead and commissioned the creation of this special enchanted weapon. For her past heroism, MAGI was quite happy to help.

Character History

Born of a well-to-do family, Susan Skye turned out nothing like her parents would've expected. Where they were conservative and proper, she was a free spirit and rebelled against conventional society. Growing up in Eastgate, she earned the nickname "Windy" for her long-winded speeches as part of her high school debate team, and the name stuck with her long after. In college, she became an environmental activist, and often marched in protests against large corporations and occasionally government activity. Many people would define her as a hippie born a couple generations late.

A Shocking Developement

One fateful day, Windy became blessed with the powers of a living storm. Some mystics at MAGI say that with her name, it was a matter destiny. Others point to the Outcasts and their shockers and claim she was nothing more than a mutant like them. A few even believe it might be some sort of Rikti influence. In fact, Windy found herself a helpless bystander as a super hero named Donar fought the deadly Tsoo over what looked like a rod of some sort. Donar, who claimed to be the living incarnation Teutonic storm god, was overwhelmed by sorcerers and the ancestor spirits of the Tsoo. He fell in battle and they got away with the ancient relic and his mighty axe. After the villians fled, Windy went to check on the fallen hero. Donar's injuries seemed fatal, but he still drew shallow breaths. A blinking light on his belt caught Windy's attention, and she remembered reading somewhere about the emergency medical teleporters that heroes use to be transported to the hospitol. She triggered the device and found herself transported to Bell Medical Center, standing before some very confused doctors. They were expecting Donar when his teleport transmitter was activated, but he hadn't arrived... only Windy. Windy quickly explained what had happened and police went to investigate the crime scene; Donar's body was never found. In the days that followed, technicians examined data and Windy was given a battery of tests until it was finally concluded that Donar's body somehow disappeared in transit, but a portion of his power was seemingly infused into his would-be rescuer by the teleportation system. She was shocked, but not nearly as much as when she tried concentrating and discharged a tiny bolt of electricity at a nearby technician.

Heroic Inspiration

Knowing the city's need for heroes, and feeling inspired by the story of Galaxy Girl, Windy set out to help others with the power of Donar. She heard of an outbreak of violence of some sort and went to volunteer her services to the police. Skeptical of her claims of Donar's power, they nonetheless filled her in on the details of some drug that was driving the locals mad. When she confronted some of the contaminated, she tried unleashing the power of the Hurricane to keep them at bay. She could only muster up a brief gust of wind that knocked them back, further enraging them. When she tried to will the power of lightning to shock her foes into submission, she found the bolts were so ineffective as to require multiple hits before they rendered the contaminated unconscious. While she acquired some of Donar's power, it was clear she had no mastery over it. Still, she persevered and her efforts were of great help to the authorities that day. She went to City Hall later that day, registered herself as an official super hero for Paragon City and scheduled some training sessions with Ms. Liberty. Windy became devoted to the life of a super hero. She fought gang members and deranged doctors and even traded electrical bolts with the clockwork menace at time. Her efforts did not go unnoticed, and she was soon recruited by Kid Mighty into the Freedom Brigade! As part of that team, she became aware of a mysterious group called the Circle of Thorns and their human sacrifices on the rooftops of Kings Row. Delving further into these villians' activities lead her to the restricted zone of Perez Park --a place where street gangs roamed freely in large packs out in the open and even greater threats lurked within the forest of the park. Windy loved the park and felt a righteous anger over seeing its beauty marred by the villiany that dwelled within... she spent more and more time there, distancing herself from her teammates. It was while combatting the horrible hydra in the lake that she learned just how much evil the park contained. She was nearly killed by a giant hydra, that which has been named The Kraken. She lifted herself into the air with the wind and hid while she nursed her wounds. She pulled out her communicator and tried to contact the Freedom Brigade, but none responded. She sent out a distress call on the public channel that most heroes frequently monitored and several heroes came running. With their help, Windy was able to best the Kraken that day.

Talons of Vengeance

Shaken by the experience with the Kraken, Windy returned home to see her parents. She'd been out of touch with them since college and felt a need to be with family and old friends. Learning to control her powers and battling evil, Windy had heard something about The Hollowing. She'd assumed they were old stories about Faultline. It was a shock for her to discover that her old neighborhood had been declared a hazard zone by city officials... and worse, that her parents' home lay at the bottom of what is now known as Grendel's Gulch. At first, despair sank in. Her family gone, rage now burned brightly within Windy and the only thing that satisfied her was lashing out at those who caused her pain. She flew around, ignoring other dangers, and struck out at the Trolls whenever she came across them. Her mastery over the lightning had grown phenomenally with her anger, and she was able to unleash powerful bolts which could give pause to the lesser gang members. She soon learned, however, that the leaders of the Trolls were still much stronger than she could handle alone. She often assisted other heroes who fought here to drive a wedge between the growing conflict of the Trolls and the Outcasts. It was during this time that she met Shi Noire, Mr. Mystic Man, and Tournequet. The three of them had formed a fledgling super group called the Talons of Vengeance. Having lost touch with the Freedom Brigade, Windy asked to join the team. At this point in her life, vengeance very much appealed to her. With her new friends, she battled the Trolls and Outcasts, discovering and defeating the fallen hero known as Frostfire --the founder and leader of the Outcasts.

Radioactive Storm

Along the way, Windy learned to accept and cope with the loss of her family. She came to think of the Talons as her new family, and welcomed in new members such as Endkill, Divine Hammer, and Payback Murphy as she was once welcomed. As the team grew, they expanded their efforts to fight villiany on new fronts. She learned of the 5th Column, the Lost, and became reacquainted with the Tsoo... only this time, she wasn't running from them in fear. Every victory, made her more determined to reach more and more of the city, to help those in need... her peaceful spirit was learning the code of the warrior, and she felt in her heart that Donar would be proud of what she had accomplished. When Windy heard that the reactor that powered the force fields protecting Paragon City was endangered, she quickly joined forces with some heroes who were already investigating the matter. It was the first time she'd seen Sky Raiders, and their flying machines polluting the sky blinded her with righteous fury. She recklessly battled their soldiers alongside her newfound allies. They learned that the attack scheduled on Terra Volta was already in progress, and they raced to Terra Volta to stop it. The rage of what would happen if the reactor's radiation leaked out into the environment inspired Windy Skye that day, and her lightning bolts seemed more powerful than ever. Inside the reactor core itself, her protective force bubble was discharged leaving Windy exposed to the deadly energies within. Deadly radiation which she ignored to continue defending the core while her allies fought their own opponents. It was a grueling battle, but when it was over, Windy seemed to prove the old addage of "That which does not kill you only makes you stronger." Windy Skye's powers had changed, becoming much more powerful.

A Cold Wind Blows

Unfortunately, the radiation took its deadly toll. While her powers had indeed been enhanced, her body had been weakened by the radiation. The effects were not immediately apparent, but doctor's noticed that she had been activating her emergency teleport transmitter much more frequently as she was suffering defeat after defeat. Her increased power caused her to fatigue quickly and even suffer momentary blackouts in the middle of a fight. After being defeated by some 5th Column soldiers while helping a less experienced hero solve a kidnapping, Windy's doctor ran some tests. She was suffering from advanced radiation poisoning, and had let it go on too long unattended. There was little the doctor could do for her. Having come so far and accomplished so much, the shock of her condition demoralized her... and her warrior spirit seemed to fade fast. Before the day was out, she was so weak that she could not even sit up in the hospital bed. Some nurses were overheard and quoted in the Paragon Times as being confused by her condition as she did not outwardly look unhealthy, even up to the minute when she was pronounced dead by Dr. Trevor Seaborn at the Steel Canyon Medical Center on Christmas day.


A year later, Windy mysteriously returned from the dead. She awoke in a deserted underground laboratory with no clue how she arrived or who brought her there. With her power level depleted, she returned to Atlas Park and began her training with Ms. Liberty all over again. This time around, however, her powers grew twice as fast. In addition, she added magic skills and martial training to her already impressive powers. While exploring the area of Croatoa, Windy got involved with the Cabal. At first, she clashed with them to protect civilians. Her mastery of the storm impressed the witches and, once they came to terms, agreed to teach her the basics of magic. She also spent time undercover with the Warriors in Talos Island, improving her combat skills training side-by-side with the gang members. It wasn't long before Windy reached the pinnacle of heroics by saving the world from Lord Recluse and his minions.

Random Trivia and OOC stuff

My first level 50!
* Windy Skye has been my favorite COH character to date.

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