Acid Light

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Acid Light
Acid Light
Player: @Kyrene Aigsamh
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: 16
Personal Data
Real Name: Elizabeth Thompson
Known Aliases: Acid, Bess
Species: human
Age: 23
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 62kg
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Purple
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Skyway City
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: none living
Known Powers
Empathy/Psychic Blast
Known Abilities
capable of reading and manipulating the emotions and sometimes thoughts of others, and using those emotions to instil well-being and health or pain and actual damage to the individual concerned
No additional information available.

Acid Light, Acid to her friends and Bess to those who wish to annoy her, is a Empathy/Psychic Blast Defender in Supergroup Project Corona. Originally made on an idle whim(to make an empath) followed by a curious thought ("Ooh, an entirely psychic defender!"), Acid is based in the premise the reality of the mind is paramount, that anything that the mind believes to hurt or heal can cause actual pain or pleasure.


Official Biography

I' was psychedelic! An 'igh like you wouldn' believe and no crash. And, afterwards, i' was like people's min's were open books. Fan'asies and horrors and emotions just there for the viewin'.

And to play with. A tweak here, a nudge there and everythin' is differe'. Pain becomes pleasure, 'ighs become lows. From the righ' perspective, i' was so obvious. So simple. So much fun. Every min' a rave with an open door policy. Loike no drug you cou' name an' be'er 'n 'em all.

Oi s'pose Oi go' lucky, really. Coulda ended up in some real trouble, done some real damage. 'stead there's a kno' a' the door an' this woman tellin' me she knows wha' Oi done an' i's go'a stop. "You cou' really 'urt someone," she said. Loike a kick in the teeth.

Guess the crash came after all.

She said she knoo of a group in the Sta'es cou' teach me 'ow to ma'e use of i', 'ow to 'elp people. So Oi figures, wha' the 'ell.

's been a par'y.


Supergroup: Project Corona


Le's par'y.

A true party girl, there is nothing Acid likes more than loud music and crowded clubs. Drunk or sober, she loves to dance and brings new meaning to the phrase "high on life", whatever else she may be on. She does, however, have a good heart and is easily moved both to pity and to anger at the pain of others, doing anything she can to ease pain and make sure it doesn't happen again, thought she is somewhat naive in her belief that this is always possible. While she has a tendency to cut class as often as show up and to skip out on her homework, she's always there when it counts.


Not only able to sense people's emotions and, to a limited extent, read their thoughts, Acid can alter the way people feel and make those feelings manifest in physical ways. Thus she can cause both pain and pleasure in her targets, improving the abilities and health of her teammates and harming foes. Like all students at Project Corona, she is trained in leadership techniques.



Psychic Blast

Power Pools




Character History

Orphaned at the age of five with no living relatives, Acid grew up in a private catholic orphanage. She had a relatively happy childhood, well-fed, well-clothed and well-educated. At the age of fourteen, she discovered the joy of alcohol, drugs and raves after sneaking out to attend a party with a friend and she threw herself into that lifestyle with abandon, no reprimand or punishment enough to curb her enthusiasm. With her sixteenth birthday and a particularly good trip, she found that she could read the emotions and thoughts of those around her. This sensation is always present, sometimes to the point of being intrusive, but is somewhat blunted by alcohol and drug use.

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