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Gator Aide
Gator Aide
Player: @Fox Lee
Origin: Science
Archetype: Defender
Security Level: n/a
Personal Data
Real Name: Adrien Gates
Known Aliases: Raid, Nipper, Shrimp
Species: Part human, part black caiman, and part living star
Age: 12
Height: 4'1" (124.5cm)
Weight: 70.5lb (32kg)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Dark green
Biographical Data
Nationality: North American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: '
Base of Operations: Galaxy City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Names undisclosed
Known Powers
Radiation blasts and healing, resistant to toxins
Known Abilities
Tactical combat training, mechanical genius
Notes: No longer involved in active duty
I'm sure you know how this works... I'm playing Black Caiman and have gone to grab lunch, somebody notes I'm missing and requests some "gator aid", and the next thing you know I'm full of idea. Not that somebody hasn't already had that idea - hence she got "aide" instead of "aid", despite being a defender :p Her build happened when I hit a pickup group with my pre-Stamina Stone/Stone tanker, and experienced Recovery Aura for the first time... ye gods, it is a thing of beauty. So I felt it was my obligation to make a character who could have it available for Project Corona members, since running the two Leadership toggles really sucks out your Endurance.

As you might guess, Raid herself is influenced a lot by Caiman... and that's about it. She might have had other influences that I've forgotten, but as far as I'm aware, she's just based on the idea of the cute nerdy little girl with fangs :p

As of 2007-07-25, Gator Aide is being deleted from the server, since I never have too much interest in actually playing her. I'll be keeping her, though, as a retired hero and a Project Corona "NPC".

- Fox Lee



Gator Aide is a fairly ordinary kid, though she's a bit more hyperactive than most. For all that she came very close to dying as a child, she has a cheerful and optimistic nature - perhaps because she appreciates getting a second chance. Accordingly, she's very adventurous and daring, and a bit of a thrillseeker - she wants to try everything once, and make sure there's nothing she'll regret missing when she does die.

She's definitely a geek; she likes video games, comic books, and mucking about with electronics and mechanics. She's also somewhat tomboyish - that is to say, there's no room in her life for pretty dresses or girly pastimes - and she enjoys physical activity as well as mental.

Character History

Raid is actually a Mutant as well as a science-based origin. Unlike most mutants, though, her powers - those of radiation - did not wait until puberty to manifest. Right from birth, the girl was slightly radioactive, and as she grew older this power became stronger - and she became steadily sicker. By the age of eleven, she was very near to death, her body unable to cope with her powers. In despair, her parents turned to Project Corona (known for its work as a charity) and agreed to an innovative medical experiment which would use the genes of Black Caiman (for her incredible resilience) and Bec Querel (for her own radioactive nature) to try and stabilise Adrien.

Obviously, the experiment was a success, or "Gator Aide" would never have come to exist. After her remarkably fast recovery, Adrien happily took up residence as a student, and started to get to work on all the parts of life she had missed by virtue of being hospitalised.


Gator Aide adores Black Caiman and Bec Querel. Not surprising, since she was a terminally ill kid with a very bleak outlook until Project Corona used their genes to save her. Now she views the two of them as big sisters, and wants to be juuuuust like them when she grows up, only with a better grasp of paramilitary chic (evidently nobody told her you should pick a codename your colleagues can say without giggling).

She has a similar big-brother relationship with Moloch Tartarus, and a crush on Laurel, because she's twelve years old and marketing works.

On patrol, Raid spends most of her time helping out Fatal Harmonic and the Junk Giant, the latter of whom she has a particular affection for due to his being a giant machine (she likes machines). He seems to be fairly protective of her, in his quiet way.

Raid is ready for action!

Powers and Abilities

Gator Aide's powers are a sort of echo of Bec Querel's powers - in short, the ability to use radiation to varying effects. However, while Bec's abilities focus around control and strengthening her teammates, Raid's are more about healing and defence. The reason for this variance is unknown, but nobody really knew what to expect from the experiment anyway. Raid has also inherited Black Caiman's resistance to imbibed toxins, and her ability to digest almost anything; however, for Gator Aide this is less useful, since she lacks the phenomenal jaw strength and teeth that allow BC to consume such matter. Still, it does mean she's hardy when it comes to diseases and poisons.

Like all of Project Corona's students, Gator Aide is trained in battlefield tactics and teamwork. She has a very quick mind, even when she doesn't act like it, and she's actually one of the best amongst her peers when it comes to this sort of activity. In addition, she excels at working with computers and machinery, and various sciences.


Gator Aide carries some rather outdated equipment now and then, but only really as accessories. They help the "look".

Weaknesses and Limitations

Gator Aide is tougher than most twelve-year-olds, thanks to Black Caiman's genes, but she's still a lot more fragile than most of her superheroic counterparts. She can sometimes put herself in danger in her thrillseeking, too - despite the fact that she obviously knows better, she doesn't always think things through.

Other Notes


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