Alfred Polaris

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Private Eye
Alfred Polaris
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 21
Personal Data
Real Name: Alfred Kelly
Known Aliases: Alfred Polaris, Freddy
Species: Human
Age: 31
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Red
Biographical Data
Nationality: Irish American
Occupation: Private Detective and Superhero
Place of Birth: Paragon City
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother and father alive, no siblings.
Known Powers
The ability to bend and manipulate light offensively and defensively.
Known Abilities
A gift of lateral thinking and years of police training.
Notepad, PDA, Stone of Living Light


OOC Information

Freddy came as kind of a surprise when I made him. I hadn't played a controller yet and I'd always wanted to. His profession was easy to figure out as I'd decided on a trench coat for my next character and I'd always been a fan of film noir type things; Private eye it was! Since his creation, his powers and personality has simply materialized over time.


Alfred Polaris has been known to work with The Zenvious Foundation and has contacts withing the Paragon City Police.

Humble Beginnings

Alfred Polaris has had a quaint life in an extraordinary city. Born as the son of a second generation Irish immigrant, Freddy's childhood in Galaxy City was less than special. He went to school, made average grades, and had plain friends. The bright spot on his life came in his interest in mysteries. An avid reader, he devoured mystery novels, starting with the Hardy Boys and only getting more complicated. He never regretted anything from his childhood, though, as he grew up with a loving family and good friends. His parents were mildly successful middle-class, having moved their family from their beginnings in Independence Port to the more affluent neighborhoods of Galaxy City. As he grew older though, his life began to take a more unique turn.

Learning Valor

As he entered High School, Freddy's potential began to shine. His grades improved, especially in his Government and History classes and he became more popular. Finding a desire to study and to learn more, he eventually graduated in the top 10 percentile in his class, earning a nearly full ride scholarship to Paragon City University. As a young adult, he began to more fully understand the evils perpetrated by the various villain groups around the city. After watching muggings, carjackings, and flashing superhero fights, Freddy's admiration of the city's heroes grew. With this admiration, he went into college seeking a degree in Criminal Justice. Again graduating near the top of the class, he signed up with the Paragon City Police department. While working as a beat cop, he continued doing graduate work at the University, eventually earning a Masters in Criminal Justice and rising ranks to become a full fledged detective.

What Others Can't

This promotion in the PCPD was not enough for Alfred. Many of the crimes perpetrated in this city were way above the meager abilities of the police department. The costumed heroes were saving more lives, solving more crimes, he thought. He was just a un-powered human; he couldn't help. Though a prodigy in his work, he left the force to strike out on his own. Opening a two-bit detective agency out of his apartment, he began to attempt to solve mysteries for a profit, helping the helpless without the red tape the police department provided. His overall goal was still unsuccessful, however. His limits certainly could not hold a candle to the seemingly endless possibilities of the metahumans. This, however, changed when he received a phone call from an old friend, Rick.

A Little Shining Stone

Rick had always been a bit of a treasure hunter and explorer, even back in grade school. Today, however, was different. Rick told Alfred of a stone that imbued magical powers to its owner. Jumping at the chance, Freddy quickly agreed to accompany him to the cave that held the stone. That evening, the two men entered a dank cave, sneaking about until they realized the stone was held by one of the most fiercesome villain groups of the city, the Circle of Thorn. The rest of the night was a blur to all involved, but the next morning, Alfred knew he owned the Stone of Living Light. He wasted no time in getting the rock tested, finding that it manipulated light in a way that created illusions of other people and could cause physical, though temporary, pain. He continued to push the boundaries of his new magical power, eventually finding that he could refract light into a type of force field, making the person inside nearly impossible to hit.

A Little Power Goes a Long Way

Armed with his very own superpower, Alfred quickly registered as a Hero at City Hall, adding Polaris to his name to reference his ability to manipulate the light spectrum. Not long after he registered he encountered the Zenvious Foundation, where he joined as a mentor of burgeoning young heroes. His dream was completed: he saved many lives in his service of the Foundation, along with imparting his wisdom to a new, younger generation.

Crazy is as...

Life was not perfect, however. Soon he began to have similar dreams night after night involving one thing: his friend Rick. The dream was strange, hinting at a horrible fate for his friend. However, Freddy was in constant contact with the man. One day a horrible revelation came to him during a fight with his former enemy, the Circle of Thorns while trying to figure out more about his magical weapon. After roughing up the final mystic, the man spat in Alfred's eye saying one thing: "You're stupid friend is dead and you cannot even see that! He wants revenge! He'll kill you and everyone in your silly Foundation!" This haunted Freddy, even in his dreams. Rick continued to appear in his dreams, his skin translucent and dead, soggy as one who drowned. He accused Alfred of caring only about becoming special and that he would take his revenge. Freddy could not handle the stress. He soon packed up, leaving Paragon City to escape his torment and to protect his friends.

A Return Visit

Freddy recently returned to Paragon City and rejoined the Zenvious Foundation, hoping to help the city like he used to. Now seemingly free of those terrible visions, he fought with a clear mind, focusing his attention on the relief effort in Faultline while resuming his former occupation of private detective, though he now does not have his own office. When not fighting crime, he has been doing his best to reintegrate himself into the Foundation, though he has found this difficult to do. Some people he remembered before, like Zenvious, Jet Falcon, Jade Ohm, and Little Miss Vagary. He's also been introduced the heroes who'd joined since he left, such as Lanara and Zeal Drain. He's also become quick friends with the new member Warwyck.

Losing Powers, not Self

There was a long period of time where Freddy took a break from heroing. His nights were filled with terrible dreams, and he began to see and think some very terrible things. Concerned the stone he used for his powers was attempting to hurt him as it did before, he contacted magic researcher Lanara to discuss what the origin on the stone was. After a bit of deliberation, the two decided that the properties of the stone matched closest to it being a focus stone, a magical proxy that lets the user exert his or her influence through it. Realizing the Circle of Thorns mage that originally used it was likely going to, if he hadn't already, use it to torture Fred, he gave it up. Placing it in a box and leaving it in the Foundation, Freddy has been without powers for several weeks to date. Instead of sulking about not having powers, Freddy has been proactive. He's begun doing more active detective work and has helped other Foundation members from the sidelines. Recently he participated in an otherworldly event in Founder's Falls: he watched as a huge explosion rocked a building, with fire and song that blocked out most people's mental capabilities. Braving the danger, he was able to enter the building and stop the Angel's Song, not even being burnt by the building as the fire found him Worthy.

Outside of hero work, Fred has also begun to train himself physically and mentally. He now spends a good deal of time meditating and exercising, and has put forth an effort to socialize as much as possible.


Alfred Polaris is rather laid back, preferring to stay in the background behind some of his more assertive and outgoing friends. Completely loyal, he is a great friend and a willing mentor of younger heroes. He does feel a little sad at his perpetual state of singleness and has wondered on more than one occasion if he is truly a hero, as he would become worthless if not for the stone. Rarely stern, he loves people and respects all, even his enemies.

Friends and Allies

Alfred's made many friends and allies in his time as a hero. They have helped grow Freddy as both a hero and a person.

Freddy loves Little Miss Vagary dearly, as if she was a member of his own family. He only wishes he could see the little one more.

After an enjoyable first meeting, Lanara challenged Freddy to find out her real name. Stepping up to the challenge, he not only did so but delved into her past, offering to help her any time she needed against Rhiannon Gladstone.

Freddy hasn't seen Fist Fight since he returned to Paragon City, but he always enjoyed his interactions with her. If you see her, ask her about the "Sammich Caper." She'll get a kick out of it.

They haven't had much time to hang out, but Freddy enjoyed hanging out with the Scottish woman Warwyck and hopes to do so more.

Though he's had very little interactions with him, Freddy has always respected Mr. Zen and is especially grateful for him allowing Freddy to return to the Foundation after his unexplained and lengthy absence.

Has been seen with Dr. Kethra Takara a lot recently, even having introduced her to his Foundation family. He's recently been seen hanging around with her and Aidan Casey at Pocket D very frequently. Oddly enough, if one was to look closely they would notice that sometimes a sign out hang from him reading "Property of Kethra Takara, Do Not Touch."

Powers and Abilities

Through the unknown powers of the Stone of Living Light, Freddy can bend and reflect light to different effects. He has been able to cause his foes to believe they are in pain, to blind and confuse them, and to him himself. On other occasions, he has used his stone to produce bubble of refracted light around his allies, making them harder to hit and therefore safer. Recently the stone has produced the puzzling ability to allow Freddy to travel at the speed of light for short periods of time, effectively being able to teleport. On the human side, he is a moderate sharpshooter thanks to training at the police academy. He is also fairly knowledgeable in US Law, especially concerning costumed superheroes. His greatest ability is his talent at lateral thinking, being able to see things that most would be unable to, making him a fairly talented detective.

As of now, Freddy has rejected the use of the magical stone, leaving him completely powerless. However, he can still use his mind to perform detective-like tasks, and has been seen around town giving moral support to his fellow Foundationers. He has also been deemed "worthy" by a mystical fire that erupted in Founder's Falls, keeping him from harm. What this means is unsure as of now.

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