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No Justice For Anyone!
Anarchy Grrrl
Player: Player2
Origin: technology
Archetype: blaster
Threat Level: 26
Personal Data
Real Name: Tina Ashford
Known Aliases: none
Species: human
Age: 23
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 118 lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. Citizen with criminal record
Occupation: mercenary
Place of Birth: Paragon City, RI
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
dual pistols, devices
Known Abilities
some basic martial arts training
firearms, various high-tech gadgets
No additional information available.




Anarchy Grrrl is a hateful woman who revels doing things just to spite others. Her facial scar has driven her over the edge and she often behaves quire irrationally, especially when confronted by patriotic heroes or the mere mention of Liberty-Lass or Justicehawk.

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Anarchy Girl possesses no innate powers. Her abilities are derived from training and high tech hardware.

Dual Pistols

Having abandonned the idea of hired help, Anarchy Grrrl has also traded in her old assault rifle for the more compact handguns she now wields... along with the exotic ammunition to really make a difference! While she finds the chemical ammo more efficient, she really enjoys using the incendiary rounds because they remind her of the scar on her face and how she wants to inflict such pain on others.


Having had experience with similar equipment in the past, Anarchy Grrrl has refined the secondary weapons she now carries to be even more effective. The one loss she regrets is the cloaking device she had before Longbow agents confiscated it when she was locked up at the Zig... though she plans on replacing it soon!


Having been a model in the past, Anarchy Grrrl knows how to stay in excellent shape.


Aside from her firearms and other standard devices, she also has a Zero-G pack which enables her to get around almost as well as if she could fly. She also picks up additional weapons whenever possible, including grenades, shotgun, and other lethal hardware.

Character History

Tina Ashford was a top model in Paragon City, well on her way to international supermodel status. However, after leaving a photoshoot in Steel Canyon, Tina was caught in the crossfire between a team of heroes and several members of the Outcasts street gang. The heroes were all clad in a similar patriotic theme, but among them was Justicehawk who was calling herself Liberty-Lass at the time. In the midst of the battle, Tina's face was burned and badly scarred. Though its likely the flame came from one of the Outcasts, she blames the heroes... for not doing a better job at protecting her, for not letting trained professionals like the police fight crime like they're supposed to, and maybe even for her scar by carelessly hurling fire back at the villains. The other heroes on that team have since moved on or changed their identities, but Liberty-Lass's transition to Justicehawk was very public and well-recieved. In fact, the popularity she enjoys irritates Tina more than anything else. She percieves the hero as a media-whore who gets all the attention Tina wanted before being maimed in that battle --a disfigurement which ended her career immediately.

Getting Even!

Furious at heroes for her failed career, Tina created a villainous persona for herself. Still proud of her physique, she showed off as much of it as possible but wore a mask to hide her hideous scar. Using some of her savings, she set up a meeting with a weapons dealer (who happened to work for Arachnos) and selected some high-tech gadgets that would enable her to get revenge on Justicehawk. As part of the agreement for the weapons, she joined an Arachnos raid on the Zig to break out a handful of prisoners. While there, she took the opportunity to issue her challenge to the hero by means of a security camera. The tape was later shown to Justicehawk who had no idea what the whole thing was about. Before she could investigate, however, Anarchy Grrrl was defeated by No Mind during a bank robbery in Atlas Park and sent to the Zig to stay this time.

A Second Chance

The shame of it all was too much to bear. First, she lost her entire future because of that heroine... and now, being unmasked and imprisoned, the whole world knew what happened to her. During a routine Arachnos operation to break prisoners out and take them to the Rogue Isles, Tina saw an opportunity to be free when a defeated soldier dropped his assault rifle. She grabbed the gun and fought her way to the airship where she had to earn her place. Placing some explosives and returning to the ship, she found herself airlifted to freedom... on the trip over to the Rogue Isles, one of the soldiers told her that Kalinda was eager to meet Anarchy Grrrl and that she was one of the prisoners they had come to the Zig for in the first place. They explained the whole "Destined One" prophecy and how it might very well be her. This actually put a scare into the former model and she fled the Arachnos base as soon as they landed. On Mercy Island, she met with a man named Burke who not only could help her acquire some weapons, but also help her meet some allies who would be loyal... for a price. Even though no longer wearing her old costume, the name Anarchy Grrrl still caught up to her. The mercenaries she hired knew her past and decided the name would only help her reputation, so they promoted it behind her back whenever they could. With some encouragement, Anarchy Grrrl was robbing the Atlas Park Bank again. However, this time, No Mind was unprepared for the numbers... he was outgunned even with the Longbow agent he brought with him. Success suited her, and Anarchy Grrrl quickly fell back into her scheming to get revenge on Justicehawk. Her troops were willing to put up with it, but only until she fell on hard times. One too many foiled robberies and Miss Ashford could no longer afford the services of her mercenaries. And not only did they leave, but they packed up most of her hardware and took that as well.

Standing Up For Herself

Alone and with only a small stash of loot remaining --which, thankfully, she had hidden from her mercenaries or they might have taken that as well-- Tina returned to Burke. She explained what had happened. He didn't seem interested until she mentioned that she still had some money left over. This time, though, when he offered to set her up with a new crew of soldiers, Tina scowled and told him that, "Its time for Anarchy Grrrl to stand alone!" All she wanted were some guns and maybe a couple of toys to get her through the next couple of jobs. If she couldn't make it, she said, she would just quit. She did, however, and now more successful than ever! This time, she took her fight elsewhere... against the Mob, as well as various other criminal organizations --and with a great deal of pleasure when taking on Hellions. In time, she'd managed to return to Paragon City and even be considered something of a do-gooder if even only as a gun-toting vigilante. Anarchy Grrrl revelled in what attention came her way for thwarting crimes for a change, but her ultimate plan had nothing to do with being a hero. This is just a ploy... a short-term gig until she manages to get that annoying hero, Justicehawk, lulled into a sense of security and then lure her into a trap.

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