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Talons of Justice
Player: Player2
Origin: technology
Archetype: scrapper
Security Level: 38
Personal Data
Real Name: Libby Prescott
Known Aliases: Liberty-Lass
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: auburn
Biographical Data
Nationality: U.S. citizen
Occupation: paralegal
Place of Birth: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: Steel Canyon
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
martial arts, shield defense
Known Abilities
knowledge of the legal system
various shields and other tech gear borrowed or confiscated from various sources
No additional information available.




Occasionally "cheerful," but more often a no-nonsense, get-down-to-business attitude carries Justicehawk through her daily grind. However, once she puts on her costume, her spirit soars at the freedom she has come to knowin fighting evil rather than living under the oppression of arachnos. Even coming into conflict with Arachnos troops does little to dampen her spirits. In fact, she revels in each victory knowing that's one more soldier that won't be aiding Lord Recluse's evil empire.

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Justicehawk's "powers" used to stem from high tech equipment she had found, presumably discarded or stashed supervillain gear. As she trained with various heroes, she has learned to rely on her own fighting skills and has abandonned the old gear. Her primary concern was the high cost of maintenance, not to mention the occasional short circuit or other mechanical failure that nearly cost her a battle.

Martial Arts

Justicehawk possesses strength normal for an athletic person of her age and build that exercises frequently. However the damage she can inflict borders on superhuman. This is a measure of her martial training, allowing her to strike with bone-crushing accuracy that even the toughest of opponents have learned to fear. This is a significant departure from her previous reliance on equipment to enhance her damage potential.

Shield Defense

Not truly understanding the gravity shielding technology of her old gear, Justicehawk has fallen back on a more conventional form of shield to protect her from harm. Its not as effective, but in the long run she feels it is far more reliable. Currently, she has two shields, a red kite shield with patriotic emblem and a more discreet energy shield which she carries with her in her civilian guise for emergency use. The energy shield was a gift from Positron who felt she was giving up a lot of protection when she turned over her old gravitic shielding equipment to him for study.

Character History

Libby Prescott was born in the Rogue Isles where, growing up under the tyranny of Arachnos, she learned an appreciation for the U.S. legal system --more like admiration from afar. After graduating high school, she started studying law at the Cap au Diable university where courses were offered mostly for aspiring shysters and villains looking to beat the system if they were ever caught. One day, on her way home to Port Oakes, Libby was set upon by Hellions intending to mug her. A chance encounter with one of Arachnos's "destined ones" gave her time to run, but the villain proved only a minor distraction for the gang members who were quite well armed. Sneaking into an abandonned warehouse to hide, she stumbled across some crates. From the outward appearance of the gear, it was very likely some super villain's stash or possibly discarded when the bad guy upgraded --who can say for certain. She suited up and prayed the gear actually worked. When she grabbed the mace, everything powered up and the control helmet guided her flight with relative ease. As the Hellions broke through the door, they started firing at Libby. She flew for a skylight and smashed through it with her mace and headed home. On the way, she had a couple of close calls with other fliers, though they didn't seem overly concerned with her. However, she did take the time to rescue a civilian from some Arachnos mob thugs, and she decided if she were going to be a hero, she should go where she could get proper training.

Packing as little as possible of her necessities, Libby flew as high as she could, aimed for Paragon City, then activated the suit's booster pack. She arrived in less than an hour. Using what little money she had, she rented an apartment in Atlas Park. From there, she set about finding work and was lucky enough to land a temp job as a para-legal. Once settled, she donned her gear and flew to City Hall to register for her license. There, she was directed to Ms. Liberty for training. Ms. Liberty remarked how, like many novice heroes, Libby looked more like a super villain than a hero. Libby confessed how she came by her "powers" and asked for help establishing a real heroic identity. Following her heart, as Ms. Liberty told her, she was inspired by memories of a World War 2 super soldier... her dad used to read comic books about him to her as bedtime stories when she was little. So, she constructed a patriotic costume and adopted the name Justicehawk to uphold the ideals of freedom and order. She hopes to continue her schooling so that she may one day fight crime on both the streets and in the courtroom.

Rogues Gallery

Anarchy Grrrl

A ruthless, downright vicious villain bent on taking revenge against all heroes, but patriotic-themed ones in particular, for the percieved wrong done to her by one during a battle with Hellions in which she was injured and and permanently scarred, ruining her professional career as a model.

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