Hela Lokisdottir

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Hela Lokisdottir
Player: Yuki
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: Hela Lokisdottir
Known Aliases: Hel
Species: Jotun
Age: Young Adult
Height: 6'
Weight: 120 lbs
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Helheim
Occupation: Queen of Helheim
Place of Birth: Jotunheim
Base of Operations: Helheim
Marital Status: Married, Flexible
Known Relatives: Baldr Odinson (husband)

Loki Fárbautison (father)
Angrboða (mother)
Fenrir and Jörmungandr Lokison (brothers)
Nari and Narfi Lokison (half-brothers)
Sleipnir (half-brother)
Helblindi and Býleistr Fárbautison (uncles)

Known Powers

Pain Control

Known Abilities
Hel can speak and understand all languages, both living and dead, as well as communicate telepathically and empathically with any being, whether living or dead. It's easier if they're dead, of course. Hel is immortal, can safely consume any food and drink, and naturally immune to all diseases. As a giantess, she is supernaturally beautiful, despite being half dead.
As Queen of Helheim, she has access to the best scientists, engineers, and smiths the Norse people (and Asatruar) have produced throughout their history. This means she can get her hands on most things she might need, with just a little effort and time. Normally, she carries her police scanner, a pair of jump jets, and a two-way radio in case she encounters anyone she might want to work together with.
Hel has no love for Odin and his sycophants, and little tolerance for the usual divine politics, back-biting, and manipulations. She may be a goddess, but her position means she doesn't have to put up with the usual crap most gods and their offspring seem to indulge in as a matter of course.



Once Upon A Time

There was a little girl who loved her mommy and daddy and her big brothers, and they lived happily together in Jotunheim, where her mommy used her power of prophecy to help people, and her daddy would go to Asgard to help her uncle Odin and her uncle Thor when they went adventuring. Hel would play with her brother Fenrir and her brother Yormie, and they were a happy family.

Trip to Asgard

One day when she was six years old, Daddy took Hel and Fenrir and Yormie to Asgard with him. Hel wasn't so sure about the trip, because Daddy had told stories of his adventures with Odin and Thor, so she knew that even though Thor was a basically nice guy, he was as sharp as a bag of marbles, and Odin was an oath-breaking, power-hungry jerk, who would sell his own son for power, if he thought it would work. She remembered how unhappy Daddy had been when he'd been stuck as a horse until Sleipnir was born, just because Odin hadn't wanted to pay the price for the wall around Asgard. She remembered a lot of other times when Daddy had been in trouble because Odin had made a deal and then decided he didn't want to keep his end of it, so he'd made Daddy do something to fix things so he could get away with breaking his word. She didn't know much about any of the other people in Asgard, but if Odin was their king and Thor was his prince, she didn't have much hope that the trip would be a good one.

Even worse, Mommy told Daddy that the trip was a bad idea, that she saw bad things happening if he took the children to Asgard, but daddy told Mommy that he had to do it, because (just like every other time Odin had told Daddy to do something) Odin had threatened to do bad things to Daddy if he didn't take them to Asgard.

Odin the Child Abuser

When Hel, Fenrir, Yormie, and Daddy arrived in Asgard, the very first thing that happened was that Odin grabbed Yormie and threw him far away, all the way from Asgard to Midgard, where he landed in the ocean, far out where no one could reach him. Hel was almost as unhappy as she knew Yormie had to be, because it was cold in the ocean, and Yormie hated to be cold. His favorite thing was to cuddle up against Hel or Mommy, and hang like a scarf around the neck of whoever he was cuddling with. He hated to be alone, too, and Hel knew that way out in the ocean, Yormie would always be alone.

When Hel looked up at Odin, she was so angry that she was shaking, so she didn't see him grab her until it was too late. Her first clue that Odin had plans for her, too, was when she was flying through the space between Asgard and Niflheim. She didn't know why Odin had done this, but she knew he was mean and cruel, and that she would never forgive him for what he had done to Yormie. WHen she landed in Niflheim, she was immediately surrounded by ghosts and dead people. They welcomed her and treated her as a princess, and because they were so good to her, she never became the vindictive, bitter woman who plagued so many other universes.

Since she was in Niflheim, Hel never saw how Odin and his thugs tormented Fenrir, but she heard the stories from those who witnessed or had heard of it themselves, and so knew that Odin had not only taken her from her family, but had done the same to both her brothers as well. Luckily, the dead helped her cope with that news, as they had with her arrival in Niflheim in the first place, and so, while her hatred of Odin and his minions grew, she remained positive and hopeful regarding the rest of the worlds, and clung more closely to her people, giving them the love that should have been her family's.

Princess Hel

As she grew in Niflheim, the dead who came to her taught her many things: how to rule, how to trust others outside her family, how to value the gifts of each one who came to her realm, and ultimately how to be a good and caring woman. Her final lesson is the one she is learning now, in Midgard, as her teachers sent her to Midgard to learn what life is like among mortals, to learn what they value and what she can do to make life better for them.

The stories the recently dead had told her before she left on her lesson were frightful. Hamidon and the Devouring Earth were not the focus of her horror, for one thing she had learned on the day she was sent to Niflheim was that monsters exist in every world, every time, and their existence, while unpleasant, is not true horror. True horror is when those who should be caring and nurturing those in their charge, instead use their power to abuse those under their authority. She had to see for herself whether the stories were true, or simply reflected the horror of those who came to her realm from Praetoria.

A Princess in Praetoria

It took very little time for Hel to discover that the stories her people had told about Praetoria were only a shadow of the real thing. The people of Praetoria were suffering under the iron heel of a divine avatar and his thugs, who used them as playthings, laboratory animals, toys, and disposable assets, among other things. Unfortunately, since she was just coming into her power, Hel was unable to confront the Tyrant and his henchmen directly, and so became a part of the Resistance, so she could contribute her abilities to their available resources. Ultimately, having discovered that Cole intended to invade and conquer the rest of the cosmos, she volunteered to become a part of the Praetorian presence in Primal Earth, to help counter Cole's forces on the world that is universally agreed to be the linchpin of the multiverse.

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