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Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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MCSTU8059 V1.0
Player:  @Esoteric Requiem
Basic Data
Origin:  Technology
Archetype:  Defender
Security Level:  50
Occupation:  Medic
Personal Data
Real Name:  MCSTU8509
Known Aliases:  Marcasite
Identity:  Open
Species:  Android
Age:  Unknown
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  267 Pounds
Eye Color:  TBD
Hair Color:  Black
Blood Type:  N/A
Biographical Data
Birthplace:  Unknown
Birthdate:  Unknown
Citizenship:  Unknown
Current Residence:  Classified
Religion/Faith:  Unknown
Sexual Orientation:  N/A
Marital Status:  N/A
Known Languages
Known Relatives
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Various Healing


Unit Definition

MCSTU8059 is, for all intents and purposes, an android with maintained upkeep for the Young Watchers and all those who enter Blackstone Manor. It was specifically designed with medicinal healing in mind and serves no other particular purpose.

Although it is capable of handling most weaponry, it is particular skilled in archery. Unfortunately, as its focus is primarily for the benefit of others, it is increasingly rare for its bow to get any particular use.

The codename MARCASITE is based off of the mineral that is often referred to as "white iron pyrite". It's commonly mistaken for pyrite, which already commonly mistaken for gold, only further confuses those with the lack of experience to recognize the difference. Marcasite is literally a mineral created for the use of jewelry and defines the nature of pyrite as a 'gem'.

In the way that MCSTU8059 was created for the benefit of healing others -- something that tends to require a form of empathic ability -- it is very much the 'marcasite', given that it is an android and lacks the ability to feel or understand the emotions of others.

Unit Creation

MCSTU8059 V2.0

MARCASITE did not begin as an implement for the greater good. It was created by the Vanguard from salvage remaining from one of the Rikti's former invasions -- inevitably meaning that the original technology was more or less created for destructive force rather than constructive. Recovered by a member of the D.P.O., MARCASITE was created with the bare minimum regarding operating system and capabilities.

MARCASITE has no recollection of its creator or of its extraordinary past as a former entity associated with the Rikti. While it has an archive located within its memory, the particular information is encrypted and has yet to be unlocked to discover the information. While this may change in the future, it does not seem to impact the present much as others are far more interested in what MARCASITE is currently capable of, rather than was.

Albert and Rey of the Young Watchers are in primary control of the unit and are currently responsible for all system, software, and hardware updates. Unfortunately, because MARCASITE is not often updated, it portrays itself often poorly and even along the borderline of being defined as 'naive'. On the other hand, it tends to bring about a good amount of humor and is capable of lightening most situations or spreading wide disbelief and skepticism.

Unit Features

MARCASITE's beta and original version (which it refers to as "V1.0") is a heavily-armored suit, complete with a variety of plugs and other various knick-knacks, including the following:

MARCASITE was previously upgraded to V2.0, which gave it a human form -- male, like its tone, though still quite plainly not human. All features from V1.0 are still available.

There is also a collection of software that offers additional information input for user convenience:

MCSTU8059 V3.0

As of August 01, 2010, MARCASITE was upgraded to V3.0. The following changes were made to his system (unfortunately, they were lacking -- someone was slipping on maintenance at the time):

As of September 05, 2010, MARCASITE was upgraded to V4.0 (picture to come soon!). The following changes have been made to his system. (Again, it is a small update, but hey, you can only improve on perfection so much.)

MARCASITE is not yet at the end of its series of updates. Some of the following are to be included, but have not yet been implemented:

Unit Association


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