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Well, gee. I don't get it...
Plum Whine
Player: @Plum Whine
Basic Data
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Blaster (sonic)
Security Level: 50
Occupation: sells manga at a store
working for Fresca Inc.
Back at the manga store in Atlas Park
Personal Data
Real Name: Jane Smith
Known Aliases: Plum, Plummy, Plumsy (and every other fruit, according to the twins)
Identity: secret (except for a few close friends)
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'5
Weight: undisclosed
Eye Color: blue
Hair Color: black
Blood Type: unknown
Biographical Data
Birthplace: New Hampshire
Birthdate: July 15, 1993
Citizenship: American
Current Residence: OMG base
Religion/Faith: something
Sexual Orientation: straight (definitely likes the bishounen)
Marital Status: single (still)
Known Languages
English, otaku
Known Relatives
none worth mentioning
Known Powers
super amazing vocal powers and random fire abilities
Training / Abilities
super jump, slightly advanced self-regeneration (healing and energy), ability to still use magic when asleep or dizzy
net bomb, caltrops, targeting bot, cloaking device
Plum is pretty derp and has no social skillz

Jane Smith was just an ordinary girl in a dead-end job on the bad side of town. One day, while going to the bookstore to spend the last of her tiny paycheck on manga, she found this manga she'd never heard of, Plum Whine, a magical girl manga about a purple and red-clad super hero who could sing to defend the universe from evil. How Jane wanted to be like Plum! She closed her eyes and held the book to her heart and suddenly she smelled something sweet, like plum blossoms, and when she opened her eyes, she was a super hero! With super awesome singing powers. And of course gadgets!

Plum visits the D a lot with her friends. She's pretty friendly and loves to chat with random people, imagining the worlds they come from. They all sound so fascinating! She loves to talk but tends to not contribute anything useful. She's a comic relief, mostly, but does like to keep the conversation happy and in high spirits. Why not? They're all super awesome superheroes after all. They get to fight aliens, help cure diseases, and clean the scum off the street.


Two Sides of the Same Coin

Plum and Jane are opposite, almost as if there were two different people involved, but truthfully, one is the insecurities and the other is how the first wishes to be. Neither side is very bright (except when it comes to art and knowledge of manga) and both can be incredibly animated when talking and moving about.

Plum is incredibly outgoing and likes to run into things head first, sometimes without thinking it through first. She loves to help people and beat the bad guys into the ground (perhaps too much, sometimes). She'll willingly take on bad guys by herself and when with a group, she'll do everything she can to help out her teammates. Unfortunately she will sometimes end up on the front lines then get kicked in the face for doing so.

Outside of battle, Plum is outgoing and cheerful. She doesn't often have anything worthwhile to contribute to conversations, and much of what she says comes across as comical or nonsensical. Plum is almost always chipper and cheerful, and otherwise she can be a bit melodramatic at times. She does her best to help people get along and keep the mood bright and cheerful. Whenever she leaves a group, she always leaves with "Plum away!" and often jumps whenever she travels.

Jane is almost completely opposite. She is usually keeps to herself, wanting to join people but sometimes too embarrassed to do so. She's most often seen reading manga or drawing off by herself, though she has made appearances at the D albeit rare. The only time anyone has really seen her more outgoing self come out is when she is discussing manga or anime, particularly when she's at work as work doesn't make her feel awkward and misplaced.


Plain Jane

Jane really was nothing special. She was born into a rather poor family and several siblings soon followed, leaving her the oldest. Everything was peachy for a few years until her parents began fighting. They fought over finances and the kids, mostly, but as the years went by, the fighting started over little things, like the lack of dishes or not getting beans from the store. Anything really. Problem was, neither had enough finances to afford living alone or afford a divorce filing, so they simply stayed together.

Jane grew up with the fighting. It was a pretty normal occurrence, and she'd learned very well how to tune it out as well as tune out her bratty siblings. She turned to food and manga borrowed from the library to help with the stress and gained a lot of weight. She furthered herself from her classmates, burying herself in her books, and her grades got worse. It didn't really help that Jane was never a strong student in the first place. She only excelled in art. The rest she was mediocre. She soon developed a desire to be a comic artist.

At 16, Jane found her first job to help the family get some money. It was a terrible job, working in a video store where the manager constantly insulted her appearance. It was a dead-end job, but it helped where it needed. She squirreled away some of her paycheck to feed her manga addiction and often frequented a local comic book store where she purchased all of her books relatively cheaply. She got to know the staff there and chatted with them about manga and comics all the time, admiring the heroes within the stories.

Plum Blossoms

Jane reading the Plum Whine manga
Jane reading the Plum Whine manga which gave her magic
A year later, she found an unusual manga on the comic store shelves called "The Magical Plum Whine" that just seemed to call out to her. She flipped through a few pages then took it to the counter. The guys behind the counter shrugged, not knowing where it came from and they let her have it. After all, they couldn't charge her for something which didn't appear in the inventory. She shoved the book into her backpack and headed home, and that's when everything fell apart.

While reading the new manga, she overheard her parents arguing how they couldn't support the kids and they were failing school anyway. She wished she could just be a super hero like Plum in the manga. Everything would just be better that way, wouldn't it? No more listening to the arguing, no more feeling like she was the root of the problem. So she packed her bags with manga and some clothes and simply left.

She stood outside the train station, ticket less, still holding the manga, wishing everything could be better. She closed her eyes and sighed, but then suddenly smelled something really sweet. A warm feeling came over her and when she opened her eyes, her appearance had completely changed. She looked like a magical girl, pretty, and dressed nicely. At first she thought it was a dream, but no matter what she did, she didn't wake up. She was already awake.

But a magical girl must have magic, shouldn't she? She tried out a few things. Nope, no flying. No magical bolts. No strange psychedelic rainbow attacks. She let out a heavy sigh and that's when she found she had vocal magic. That was pretty cool. But did New Hampshire really need a singing hero? Probably not. That's when she discovered a card in the back of the book. "Pocket D VIP Pass."

And with that pass, Jane disappeared from New Hampshire.

Paragon Plum

Jane moved into Paragon City into a small, rather shoddy apartment by herself, but it was her own, and registered for school. With her extensive knowledge of manga, she had no problem getting a job at the local manga store during the day. In the evening, with a magical salute, she became Plum Whine and started her career as a hero in Paragon City.

Jane created a whole alter-ego for herself, one that was elegant and strong and chipper. There wasn't anyone who could recognize her, as her super hero appearance was completely formed by magic. She didn't look like Jane at all. Jane took on the name, Plum Whine, from the manga she had found at the comic book store. It worked, after all, as she wore a plum-colored outfit.

Despite her enthusiasm, Plum wasn't that great with her magic. Some heroes had been doing it for years. She'd had her powers for days. Being a hero wasn't as easy as manga seemed to portray. She frequently found herself missing and in trouble. Fortunately she encountered several other heroes - Eli, Jayden, and Sky - to team up with and she soon gained more control over her powers. She grew quite close to them and they frequented Pocket D together, watching the people and drinking soda.

Story Arcs

To keep this page easy to read, continued here.

Trivia factoids

Quick notes about both sides of Plum

likes & dislikes

  • favorite food: chocolate cake
  • favorite drink: root beer (though grape soda comes in a close second)
  • favorite colors: red and purple
  • favorite band: Morning Musume
  • favorite artist: GACKT
  • favorite manga: Sailor Moon
  • best subject: art
  • worst subject: everything else
  • hobby: collecting manga, following J-rock bands, drawing, cosplay
  • dream: to become a comic book artist
  • biggest fear: her friends rejecting her when they find out her civilian identity

running gags

Lulzy and derpy things that keep happening over and over for some mysterious unknown reason.

  • Plum always gets kicked in the face when fighting Council. Then it started happening with other groups too.
  • Jane is actually shorter than Plum. Every time when Plum reveals her civilian identity to her friends (the few who know), the first thing everyone notices is the height difference.
  • Jayden calls Plum his fag hag, but she keeps forgetting Jayden's birthday. What a terrible fag hag she is.
  • Plum's control of magic is minimal, at best. When she develops a new power, it's often accompanied with panic and winning descriptions like "giant purple fire ball thingy."
  • Plum often gives people nicknames, such as Bossman, Chief, and Doc Bot. Many of these nicknames are adopted by her friends.

Personality notes


  • often uses humor to lighten up the conversation and generally hide whatever she's truly feeling.
  • really hates being called Plump Whine, mostly due to really not being happy with her civilian self
  • smells like sweet plum blossoms all the time, due to the magic that creates her appearance


  • rather shy and often seen with a book (manga, never anything academic)
  • tends to wallflower more than anything else
  • wishes to be accepted but afraid of being rejected
  • always has "The Magical Plum Whine" manga in her backpack, but that's a secret
  • uses her magic when no one's looking


  • despite her fanaticism, she is not a rabid yaoi fangirl. She much prefers drooling over bishounen (cute boys) in magical girl manga
  • her ideal man is someone accepting, caring, charming, and (as Vinny puts it) froo froo. Why yes, she has a crush on Eli.
  • she not-so-secretly has a crush on Tuxedo Mask from Sailormoon
  • the majority of her friends are actually male
  • she actually holds a great deal of respect for her teammates and is thankful they're there with her
  • while she does live in the SG base, Jane is never seen, only Plum. She sleeps in pjs but looking like Plum. When she leaves for school or work, she transforms outside and out of sight.
  • she associates her transformation into Plum Whine with magical transformation sequences and accompanies them with the words, "Plum Power! Henshin!". In her mind, the costume change is much flashier than in real life.
  • despite being well aware that there are many different powers in Paragon City, she has a tendency to call all powers magic quite probably due to her fanaticism of magical girl manga.
  • she can keep secrets pretty well (as she's hid her own true self from everyone except Al), but she needs to be told that it's a secret. She isn't exactly bright in most social situations.
  • speaking of which, despite the peppy side of Plum, she's rather socially inept, finding herself speaking at the wrong time about the subject, not paying attention at all, or completely lost. She refers to manga to answer her social questions, most of which aren't how normal people act in the first place.

Super Friends!


Plum and Jayden
Plum and her BFF Jayden
  • Blue Firebrand/Mario - a midnighter, Mario's an incredible pyromancer. On their first meeting, Mario said he could tell she was hiding something huge, but couldn't tell wat. At first Plum kept her distance from him but eventually she began looking to him for advice about magic. The two are gossip buddies and pretty close friends. Plum plans to tell him that secret. He is currently second in command of OMG
  • Doug Wassonasong - Doug is easily the most obnoxious member of OMG. When she first met him, he tried to barter her for a giant cookie. So not cool.
  • Jace Bastion - Jace seems to jump around a bit but Plum's quickly gotten attached to him. Jayden seems to have taken a serious liking to him too. Adam Spectre Collins has too, but that seems more stalkerish....
  • Jayden Michaels - Jayden is a witch originally from Oregon and one of Plum's primary posse. He currently lives in Croatoa with his younger sister, grandmother, and evil black cat (or so Plum claims it's evil). He uses a lot of dark magic and enjoys floating and flying more than walking. He is also rather straightforward and probably knows more than he lets on. Plum spent quite a bit of time trying to find a good boyfriend for Jayden and failing. When they met Vinny, that's when she learned he really likes the bad boy type. Jayden was the only one who knows Plum's real appearance for a long time, being able to see straight through her magic. He formed the Occult Magician's Guild (OMG) after the Young Watchers broke up. Jayden remains close to Plum and is good at explaining magicky things that she doesn't understand.
  • Pyremance - another member of OMG who kept calling Plum a power leech. And a shrub mage or something like that. Plum isn't too fond of him yet.
  • White Mender - She's tempted to call him White Mage because of his white-colored magic and healing abilities, but his name is Casey. He's an empath as well, which can make things awkward as Plum thinks about food often. When she's not driving him nuts, Casey is pretty cool

Former Young Watchers

  • Nigredo Fist/Albert - "Bossman". The group's commander. The boss-man is a pretty mysterious character at times. Plum doesn't know much about him but finds him kind and honorable from what she has seen. She also thinks his wardrobe consists primarily of black. He is also the only person whom Plum has actually spoken to about her family and troubled past. She feels like Albert is really the only person she can talk to seriously and looks up to him a great deal. And somehow he has a way of finding her and Jayden doing stuff they probably shouldn't be doing, like spying on Xan's date with Lucent, in Ouroboros, and checking out the Arachnos flier that Albert'd dumped in the base one day. Plum swears he's like Big Brother.
  • Rey Makaiau - 'Chief'. Plum first met him when Albert introduced the two, among several of Albert's other friends. He seems to be Albert's boyfriend but she isn't entirely sure yet. Regardless, Rey seems like a pretty cool guy with a good sense of humor, especially when bantering with Albert. In combat, Rey and Albert are definitely unstoppable. Like with Albert, Plum looks up to Rey.
  • Beta Wave Paroxysm - 'Beta' was the first member to stay at the base other than herself. He's definitely a party animal. He's got a strange thing for Xan and a really kind heart. When Plum had run herself out of money due to buying school supplies, he gave her some to hold her over until payday. However, while Plum has somewhat of a crush on him, Beta only sees her like a little sister. Plum hasn't let her crush ruin their friendship, at least, and the two are rather close
  • Blizzard Dynamo/Teddy - At first, Plum wasn't sure what to make of Teddy. He spoke like a text message, zipped around, and yelled at his mom in some strange combination of Spanish and English. Once Plum got to know him better, they became fast friends. She found him to be incredibly friendly and fun to be around. Plum has revealed her civilian identity to him and found out that Teddy had gone through something similar to what she is going through now. They attend high school together.
  • Chemical Engineer - Plum first met Klein at the D. He wears a face mask but refuses to take it off because he likes the group too much to hurt them. Plum later found out that taking off his mask somehow causes him to absorb traits from other people and creatures. He told her that he once absorbed superadine from a troll and turned green and trollish for a few days. Mask aside, Klein is a pretty awesome guy. He's got a pretty good sense of humor and seems to have an adventurous side. Plum's dragged him to various places in Paragon City to adventure and beat bad guys up. Klein was essentially an honorary member for a long time until Albert convinced him to join the Watchers
  • Eddie Talon - Plum first met Eddie at the D when Xan pointed him out. Plum knew him as that hooded jerk for a while. When he first showed up, Eddie talked almost never and Plum was determined to get him to talk. Since then, he and Plum actually seem really close, though Eddie constantly makes fun of how much she eats.
  • Electrobuster (Johnny) & Kinetic Spark (Jacob) - the first pair of twin in the Watchers. The two like to wear the same outfit and are identical in every way, often speaking in unison. Plum cannot for the life of her tell them apart. They both have a tendency to call her every possible fruit other than Plum. It first had annoyed her but now she just rolls with it. The two helped her study biology for summer school.
  • Eli Fresca - Eli is a British friend of Plum's and one of her primary group. Eli is dedicated to his work as a customer service agent and speaks of invoicing on a normal basis. She finds him incredibly charming with his polite ways and deep bows, though his hero costume is a bit strange and eccentric. Plum has a slight crush on him, as he does fit the bishounen type (hero costume aside), though she will vehemently deny this. She enjoys teasing him, but all in good faith, of course. Eli was one of the first people to know of Jane. He also got Plum her current job. Unfortunately that job didn't last long, and Plum found herself back at the bookstore. She's considered on several occasions asking him out on a date but he seems to have a thing for really crazy women.
  • Guy Brawley - Joe's twin brother. Guy isn't exactly one of the brightest people in the group. He's got some strange desire to take off his shirt and do push ups regardless of where the group is.
  • Glamour-Shot - Alex is a model of some sort who is friends with Rainbow Flamer. Alex is also pretty flamboyantly gay and reads yaoi. He's a pretty friendly guy and Plum does enjoy hanging out with him. Alex never seems to be able to sit still. Ever. The two are incredibly dorky together.
  • Joe Brawley - Guy's twin brother. Like his brother, he has a strange desire to never wear a shirt. He's generally pretty nice but he's got a short temper at times. When he's fired up, the brothers end up fighting.
  • K Index/Kris
  • Lake-man/Sean - a charming southern guy. He since had to leave for medical reasons.
  • Marcasite - Nicknamed Gundam or Doc Bot. Marcasite is some sort of medical android robot thing that always seems to be out of date. He's incredibly reliable in battle but in social situations, he's more awkward than Plum herself.
  • Marcello Giudice - at first, Marcello scared Plum. He's incredibly large, covered in tattoos, and supposedly flips tables (though she's never seen it herself). When he joined the Watchers, Plum got to know him better and learned that he's incredibly protective of his friends and allies.
  • Nix Freeze. Plum first adventured with Kyle when they went to help out Sister Psyche along with Jayden. Kyle definitely has a strange way of speaking. Most of what seems to come out of his mouth are ice puns, which are actually rather amusing.
  • Psyche Charge - Christian (or Chris) met Plum some time ago at the D before joining the Watchers. He's a pretty chill guy and is good at playing off Jayden when Jayden messes around with people.
  • Raver Troll. Jesse is a really strange troll. The way he talks drives Plum nuts, but he seems like a really nice guy with a bad fashion sense. He also seems like he's got a good heart somewhere inside of him, even if Sky can't see it, else why would Bossman let him join? So far, he definitely seems to have a good heart, just gets misjudged all the time. Plum tries to defend him. Unfortunately he disappeared from the Watchers unexpectedly. Plum hasn't seen him since.
  • Serena Strange - Serena's another magic user. She and Plum got along well almost immediately. She's one of Plum's gossip buddies, but recently she's since disappeared.
  • Sky Altitude - Sky was one of the first heroes Plum met when she first arrived in Paragon City. Unlike Eli and Jayden, Sky's real name is kept pretty secret, like her own. He likes to use his bubble-creating ability even outside of battle to contain minion smell at the D or just to annoy people. At first, it took Plum by surprise, but she's since gotten used to it. Sky is one of Plum's usual group she hangs out with. Sky spends a lot of his time in Cimerora, which is where he and Plum had a heart to heart and learned each other's civilian identities
  • Vincent Irons - Vinny is a guy with a really short fuse and a truckload of emotional issues. Jayden has a crush on him, but Vinny didn't return the feeling at first. Vinny seemed to be having some personal emotional problems, as she heard from Carter, which seemed somewhat like an identity crisis. Then Vinny accepted his feelings and ended up joining the Watchers, turning out to be a pretty cool guy. He likes to hug and ruffle Plum's hair.
  • Vesuvius Fist - Stu's a very large guy but still somewhat young. he has a lot of tattoos. He seems incredibly sensitive about his height and size.
  • Xan Trine. Xan is strange but really one of the first girls Plum got along with (gossiping about boys ftw). She's quite short, formerly had enormous butterfly wings and still has a giant axe. She seems to take sport in cleaving people in half and giggling while she's doing so. Xan seems to have lost contact with Plum, leaving her a note to not follow her wherever she was going.

Other friends

  • African Athena. She is definitely one of the largest and smartest people Plum really has ever met. She first met Athena when she randomly turned Jayden into a squeeze toy when she hugged him straight into her cleavage. She's actually a really fun person to be around, even if Plum just doesn't understand half of what she says. Regardless, Athena's definitely very nice.
  • Charon the Ferryman. yes, the Charon. Plum got to know him through Rav. To her, he's just a strange floating guy who's mysterious and interesting, something about a ferryman of somewhere. He also gave her a lot of money when her stomach started growling.
  • Cid
  • Carter - Carter is actually Sky Altitude's civilian identity, though Plum doesn't know this yet. He claims to be pretty much an ordinary guy that works at an Italian restaurant in the Faultline, though Plum has seen him use magic (or some power) once. Carter hangs out with the main group a lot but never is around when Sky is. She learned much later that Carter is actually Sky when she shared her real name and appearance with him.
  • Lead Seraph, Praetorian. Austin's a pretty cool guy. She's not entirely sure where he stands with loyalty to Cole, but he seems like a nice guy.
  • Lifespike. Roger seems incredibly shy and drawn back but he hangs out with the weirdest people.
  • Rainbow Flamer. Gotta be one of the strangest people she met at the D but he sure knows how to architect very complex and challenging missions. He can create a double of himself that he argues with.
  • Ravelin
  • StarBreakerX/Alex, a reformed villain and wrestler (though Plum never did watch the stuff). He's somewhat of her boyfriend or something. Neither really has confirmed it one way or another, though Alex constantly flirts with Plum, who has no idea what to do. He is actually very sweet and shares a lot of likes with Plum, including donuts and manga.


  • Adam Spectre Collins. Easily one of the creepiest guys she's met. He's always leering at someone, particularly Jace.
  • Kalius



If you've met Plum or Jane, leave an IC testimonial here!
  • "Plum is just the cutest thing ever! Really, every time I see her, I want to pinch those cheeks. I hope she doesn't think I'm too crazy or anything. There aren't many girls in the Young Watchers, so I feel like I really connect with her on a personal level. Plum's pretty much my best friend. She's everything I'm not and everything my pride won't let me be." ~ Xan Trine
  • "I never really knew why Plum does certain things (like always sayin' "Plum Awaaaaaay" when she's leavin') but I don't really care. She's cool and easy t' talk to and I know I can say whatever I want and she won't put me down and all that crap. It's kinda fun goin' around messin' with Outcasts with her." ~ Blizzard Dynamo
  • "Fewer girls have an odd charm about them than Plum Whine. She's atypically strange and quaint and all the same, her presence is enjoyable. We all tease her, myself included, but it's entirely out of love. I wish she would accept the things I offer to her more, and with not so much hesitance. I oftentimes would like to offer her the world. I think she deserves it." ~ Eli Fresca
  • "Plum is... someone I know looks out for me. I know I've been a really bad friend lately and I'm just not sure how I can handle it without having to drag her down with me... She doesn't need that, and I want her to stay her happy, cheery self..." ~ Sky Altitude
  • "Plum is just Plum. There aren't many words that can describe her. So really, she should be her own adjective. I think it should be in the dictionary somewhere between Derp and Awesome Faghag. Seriously though, she's always good for a laugh and a trip to get donuts." ~ Jayden Michaels
  • "She's nice and all, and no offense to her. But she doesn't seem to be all there. And all she can ever think about is food. She's always feeling hungry. She doesn't like being called a shrub mage much but it's not like I say it offensively. At least I don't mean to." ~ White Mender


Plum is pretty much your standard otaku, listening primarly to J-pop and anime themes, as well as drooling over GACKT.

  • "Moonlight Densetsu", Sailormoon
  • "Unmei wa Utsukushiku" / Fate is so Beautiful, Sailormoon
  • "Vanilla", GACKT
  • "Tsuki no Uta", GACKT
  • "Dearest", Ayumi Hamasaki (InuYasha)
  • "Fukai Mori", Do as Infinity (InuYasha)
  • "Koi wa A La Mode", Tokyo Mew Mew
  • "My Sweet Heart", Rika Komatsu (Tokyo Mew Mew)
  • "Morning coffee", Morning Musume
  • "Daite Hold On Me!", Morning Musume
  • "Kanashimi Twilight", Morning Musume
  • "Nanchatte Ren'ai", Morning Musume
  • "The Manpower!!!", Morning Musume

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