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Nacht flight.jpg
"IT'S A BIRD! IT'S A PLANE!... No it's just Nacht again..."
Nacht Sniper
Player: @NachtSniper
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Corruptor
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Has recently been erased from all Arachnos Files
Known Aliases: Watcher on the Knoll, Nacht Agent, ((Operative Morder))
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: "Watch out for that ceiling fan!"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Glowing Red
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: German
Occupation: Mercenary, Assasin, Sniper
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles, Weapons Union
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Enhanced Senses (Vampyre Project)
Known Abilities
Espionage, Stealth, Elite Marksman, Mu Magic
Stolen Council Robot, Stolen Force Field Generator, Stolen Council Guns, Nemesis Staff, Rocket Boots, Weapons Union Comlink, An Ancient Tome, A Mu Crystal
Watch out For this Crazy German Sniper!


A Soldier...

Nacht Sniper hasn't always Been the crazy loon known to most today. Once, he was a respected officer of the 5th Collumn.

In The Begining

Morder was sent by his superiors to raid the Galaxy City Freedom Corp. Offices. Within hours of the begining of the battle The Freedom Phalanx arrived to save the day. Morder was heavily wounded and most of his soldiers were dead. Morder arrived at the 5th Collumn Base in critical condition and worsened over a period of days into a vegitative state. An unknown prototype serum was keeping him alive.

The Transformation

The Imfamous Scientist, Nosferatu, suggested that Michael Morder undergo the Vampyri Project. The Scientists first thought that the attempt was a failure because of Morder's loss of vitial signs, but before they could pronounce Morder dead, he regain consciousness.

Dead accuracy

Though the vampyri mental abilities never developed, his senses were increased greatly. He was reclassified as an Elite Marksman and was stationed in Independance Port, Brickstown, and Founders Falls to eliminate enemy targets.

The Capture

When the war against the council began, Morder was sent by boat to aide the 5th Collumn on Striga Isle, but something went horribly wrong and Morder was captured by patroling Longbow, and was sentanced life in prison for his crimes as 5th Collumn Officer.

Breaking Point

((In order to find out more specific information on Nacht's backround and history in the 5th column please feel free to check out my brand new story, Breaking Point!))

A Spider...

"Guten Tag! I zee you!... Hey! Ztop running!... Vhy do zay alvayz run.. it makez it vay harder to zhoot zem..."

Arachnos File 1943NS

- Identity confirmed: Operative Morder -

- Access Granted -

Subject Name: Nacht Sniper

Known Occupation: Mercenary

Villain Group Affiliation: Weapons Union

Arachnos Patron: Scirocco

Current residence: Unknown

Current Arachnos Threat Level: 50

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

-Subject History-

Michael Morder, also known as Nacht Sniper, arrived in Fort Darwin on October 31st, 2003. Kalinda was his first contact and Kalinda's report stated that his trials were completed with ease. After Morder climbed through the ranks in Mercy, he was forced to find bigger competition in Port Oakes, where he worked as a Mercenary for the Marcones. The supposed reason for his employment by Family is to combat the constant battles between the Marcones and the Council in the Oil Spill.

He finally transferred his focus to Cap Au Diable. By this time, word had spread throughout the ranks of the Council of the shadowy figure that stalks the streets of Port Oakes, and fear crept into the minds of council soldiers throughout the Isles. Our operatives speculate that Morder never fully left Port Oakes, leaving it as a base of operations. This is mostly based upon the whispers of a secret base in the hills of the Oil Spill. The word in Cap Au was that Morder had driven out every council soldier in Cap Au Diable and is going back to Port Oakes for more.

The reality was that our highly skilled agents had completely lost Morder's trail. The German mercenary had completely vanished without a trace.

Arachnos Field Journal 5140FE

"I knew zose Vreaky Mu guyz vere really cowz!"

-Locked File-

Enter Password: * * * * *

-Access Granted-

On November 15, 2005, a small patrol of Mu mystics, who were in search of reasoning behind several unexplained Circle of Thorn sightings within Sharkhead, sent a call to Port Recluse reporting a large scale violent outbreak near The Pit. Word was sent to Grandville of the situation in Sharkhead and Captain Mako ordered that reserve Crab and Bane Spider soldiers should be sent to contain violent mobs that were almost certainly overflowing the streets. barricades, road blocks and security check points were set throughout the city and raid teams were formed to take down the riots. Port Recluse braced itself for the almost certain battle between the Scrapyarders and the other angered miners of the Cage Consortium. To their surprise the oncoming force was no mere civilian riot, but instead, something more dangerous and out of their control.

4:46. A series of explosions blasted across the eastern ridge of The Pit. Arachnos Scouts gathered at the far south wall and glared awestruck at the horrendous detonations across the bay. This wasn't a mere miner strike... This was a war...

Mu'Thelas, the Mu mystic in charge of the Mu scout group that first reported the outbreak, contacted Fort Recluse again, informing the commanders of the Fort that the Council were having a internal struggle for possession of the council fortress on the edge of the Pit and that they have recently evacuated Operative Kirkland and several arbiters in the surrounding area.

4:51. Suddenly Council Warwolves could be seen from the high southern walls of Fort Recluse. Contact with Mu'Thelas and his scout team was lost. Fifty or more of Arachnos' Spec Ops teams were sent out of Fort recluse to contain the oncoming Council threat that was flowing down the road towards the main part of the city.

Arachnos technicians raced through the databases and files looking for any source of information on the current Council factions and struggles. This is when I came onto the scene.

Arachnos Field Journal 1545AL

"Don't look now, but there's a crazy German sniper aiming right at you!"

-Locked File-

Enter password: * * * * * *

-Access Granted-

I am Arbiter Leery, the only thing preventing total choas within the ranks of Arachnos. I handle all internal conflicts within Arachnos. My line of work is a dangerous one. At times everyone can get angery at the peace keeper...But someone has to do it. I am stationed in Nerva Archipelago in the dense jungles and ancient ruins of the Primavera.

Vandal, the creator of all of the Council's mechanized soldiers, had started a super soldier project to try to combine the two Warwolf and Vampyri projects togather. This was the start of Project Fenris. Unfortunatly, the project was never finnished and forgotten over the years.

For years now I have tracked my brother's conflicts and movements within the paramilitary group, The Council. Archon Leery, in 2005, reactivated the Fenris Project and seems to have started the trials.

On November 15, 2005, I received word from many agents in Grandville that there was a council conflict within Sharkhead. I knew that my brother was somehow involved...

When I received the call from Fort Recluse that they need any information on the conflicts within the Council factions I couldn't help but to see what was going on. I left my post in Nerva and traveled to Sharkhead. When I arrived I could hear the explosions in the distance. Arachnos soldiers were patroling everywhere.

Upon arriving at the fort, I was met by a team of technitians and officers that gave me what information they had at the time. They said that there are hordes of Warwolves storming the Council fort to the south. I realized then that Archon Leery had perfected his design of his super soldiers and was planning on conquering the rest of the Council's Archons by force.

They soon began receiving reports of a dark figure raiding council attack squads. The sightings of the mysterious man were moving slowly towards the Fort. Something caught my eye...

Finnally, I realized after looking through my list of destined ones I have been watching that Michael Morder seemed to have the motive and power to be doing this bold attack on the council in the middle of their hectic battle.

Soon, Morder seemed to have picked up a partner. From the reports hiw partner was way shorter than him and was accompanied by a group of mechanized minnions. He also carried a lazer rifle of some kind and used a varity of high tech weaponry.

I had this strange sense that Archon Leery and Nacht were destined to meet...And niether one would like it...

Arachnos File 1548TS

On the road to the fort, at 5:14 P.M., Morder was spotted by Arachnos agents running towards the fort on the cliffs above them, on the road to the Fort from the main part of town. Morder and his technological ally charged into the Fort at 5:14 P.M. and were on their way to the center courtyard of the fortress.

5:14. This was the last time we saw Morder until days later. This moment, frozen in time, was overlooked by both me and all of the arachnos operatives there that day. The strange happenings to come were now out of our reach, and for the longest time beyond our understanding. So began the mysteries of Nacht Sniper.

-Are you sure you would like to delete all files on: Nacht Sniper-

-Y OR N-

-Files Locked-

-Password required-

Enter Password: * * * * * *

-Password Override-

-Files deleted-

Operative Morder logging out...

A Sniper...(( A work in progress))


Nacht Sniper's thirst for revenge against Archon Leery and The Council reached a new hieght. Nacht's antics may have seemed insane to others, but to him, only one goal was branded in his mind. To achieve total victory for the 5th column, by killing every single council soldier and anyone else who tries to hinder his crusade of vengeance and retribution. In order to do this he must gain power within the Isles, and this led him to work with Arachnos and various villain groups. Nacht has gained many friends and foes throughout the chaos that is the Rogue Isles, but his goal is clear and he will achieve it. At all costs.

The Weapons Union


Nacht Sniper ran into a mercenary organization named The Weapons Union, who was looking for a sniper at the time. He slowly put more, and more time into the group, and eventually became the official Assasination Squad Leader. This profession was cut short by the death of the Tasipher, the Union's Commanding Officer. Soon, Nicholas Williams stepped up and became the new leader of the Union. With that, Nacht Sniper became the official second in command.


Nacht Is now a Commanding Officer of the Union and leads the Weapons Union along side Johnni and Nicholas Williams. It just goes to show you that a Crazy German Sniper CAN lead a bunch of Mercs into battle... although most of the time he just ends up distracted by some council soldier on coffee break out in the distance...


In his private war against the Council, Nacht Sniper has encountered only a few notable personalities.

Night Bot

Size doesn't matter.

Not one in the Weapons Union is as trusted by Nacht Sniper as Night Bot. When asked, Nacht claims that Night Bot was supposed to be a terrifying war machine, but instead sputtered off of the assembly line much too small. Cast aside by his makers, Night Bot found his way into the good graces of Nacht Sniper, and the two have been inseperable for years. Though Night Bot's true origin is still unknown, Night Bot is his most trusted ally and without this little robot, Nacht would be a crazed German on the loose...well more than he already is...

"Night Bot! AIM VOR ZE VACE!"-Nacht


Little is really known about Nacht Sniper's powerful Mu minnion, but what is known is that this Mystical Gaurdian is meaner than he looks. For some crazy reason, Nacht found it amusing to name his minnion "Betsy" becuase of it's Mu backround. He rarely speaks, and appears mysteriously in a bolt of crimson lightning. Also, little is known about his history, or even his real name for that matter. Nacht Sniper seems to summoning him by having Night Bot say an encantation out of a mysterious tome stolen from The Daemon Consortium, a known ally of the Union.

"Betsy" seems to have a strange telekinetic link with Nacht. Even though Betsy has Never talked, he seems to have full conversations with Nacht without saying a word. He has also taught Nacht a few Mu tricks insisting that Nacht has full potential to become a Mu Gardian under Arachnos... But Nacht is a little hesitant when it comes to magic saying,


Either way Nacht knows how to teleport his allies, manipulate short bursts of red lightning to hold down foes, and use his sands of Mu on people... (But doesn't everyone know that?!)

So When encountering Nacht Sniper, Watch the skies for red lightning!


Nicholas Williams

Nichols Williams, or "Herr Nic" as Nacht calls him, is Nacht's most trusted ally within the Weapons Union. Nic is a person Nacht always looks up to as a leader and friend. Even When Nacht seems to be going on a wild goose chase Nic always has Nacht's back. Even when Nacht's crazy plots and insane antics drive everything into chaos and conflict, Nic always believes that Nacht knows what he's doing. In the same Way Nacht has complete trust in Nic and would do most anything for him. Nacht looks to Nicholas Williams and his Mercs as friends, allies, and Fellow Mercs.

"VOR ZE BERET!!!!"-Nacht


Johnni is Co-Leader along side Nacht and Nic. Nacht really didn't get to know Johnni all that well, until Nicholas left the scene for awhile, leaving Nacht and Johnni to run the Weapons Union. During this time Nacht and Johnni learned to rely on each others strengths and weaknesses to run the Union despite the overwhelming odds that the Weapons Union would follow the same pattern as the rest of "The Society." They supported each other and together they kept the Union alive until Nic's return. Nacht, despite his extreme paranoia, trusts her and will always love doing council missions along side his favorite Catgirl and her band of Mercs!


Nyak, an annoying Teen Trickster, and Nacht, A Paranoid Ex-5th Columnist, immediantly clashed as soon as they met. As most people can figure out, Nacht isn't that great with first impressions and Nyak was no exception. Nyak seemed to hate Arbiter Death Who Nacht closely associated with and Nacht had it in his mind that he was OBVIOUSLY a Council Spy. It was really up until the incident with Betsy that things started to turn for the good. Nacht and Nyak both saw their likenesses and decided to work togather to do whatever they normally do except times two!...Either that or Nacht realized that he now has something over Nyak...Either way, Nacht now considers Nyak to be less of an enemy and more of a...statigic Ally.


Arbiter Death

"Ouch! Zat'z got to hurt... Herr Death, Zat Big rock vire vreak iz beating ze znot out ov you..HA!"

Nacht Sniper normally would stay his distance from the Spiders, but Arbiter Death is the only one he knows that rewards his work with Council Missions. He first came in contact with this imfamous Arachnos operative through a new recruit in the Union. Nacht really has no loyalty to "Herr Death" and his "Patriots", The Villains of Paragon City, but He has recently been persuaded to join their ranks and has been promoted to an arch villain amoung their ranks. He still regards them as a bunch of "Ztupid Zpiderz" and "Paragon Patriots", but he still gets his fair share of Council missions. VREAKZ!

Arbiter Death and the Villains of Paragon disbanded and Arbiter fled from Paragon to the Rogue Isles. Upon arrival, "Herr Death"'s new group, the Shadow Spiders, entered a coalition with the Weapons Union. So, now Nacht can Say "Guten Tag, HERR DEATH!" without having to cramp him, Night Bot, and all of his Nachtish stuff into a tiny longbow chaser and fly to Paragon City.

"Guten Tag, Herr Death!"-Nacht


Perhaps harkening to his own tragic experience with the sea, Nacht Sniper took an interest in a near-dead sailor who had drifted to Mercy Island in the wake of a terrible chemical spill from a sabotaged freighter just outside of Independance Port, installing James Thorpe into the stolen Council suit that would henceforth be known as The Smoking Gun. While not quite as short as Night Bot, and much less obliging, The Smoking Gun can be counted among those on whom Nacht Sniper has bestowed some level of trust.


Luciana Darkbloom, Sniper Widow, Wraith Prime, RYNO, Dr. Kazz, Morgan Blood, Luficia, Tech Kid

(( Sorry guys! Still working on your personal little sections! But hey it's always under conmstruction :P))

Ze Lizt!

Nacht, in his time on the Isles, has made a throng of enemies. From People in the Pocket D, to Blue Space Aliens, to Council Archons, He's angered and annoyed them all. Let's just say Nacht isn't a people person...VREAKZ! This is... ZE LIZT!

"A picture of Archon Leery in... NACHT-O-VISION!"

The Infamous Archon Leery

These two foes, Nacht and Leery have been battling since the begining. Unlike most Council Archons Nacht has fought, this one has to be the most mysterious and most powerful. For some unknown reason Nacht can't keep the guy dead... He seems to be able to regenerate or somehow stay alive when obviously he should be dead. Nacht has shot him in the head, Burned him alive, Chopped his head off, strapped him to a bomb, and ran him into a pipe in the wall! And yet still this arch enemy lives to haunt Nacht forevermore! For this reason He's number One on Nacht's "List".

"DARN YOU LEERY!!!!" -Nacht

Dr Von Dread

For the Most part, Nacht hates everything about Von Dread, making him and his Counzil Vreakz are right under Leery on Nacht's "Lizt".

"Von, He'z a Vreak!

Two, He'z a Counzil Vreak!

Zree, He'z a counzil Vreak vith a red thong... VREAKY!" -Nacht

Lt. Eatherage

This minnion of Von Dread has proved to be a very tough Enemy. Nacht has bashed with the "Eather Bunny" Several times in the Pocket D Often resulting in Robot battles, barely understood arguements, and several "VREAK!"'s. He's also introduced what Nacht named, "Ze Anti-Night Bot". Night Bot made sure to put the "Eather Bunny" up there with his master on "Ze Lizt"!

"Beep Beep Beep! Beep Beep BEEP!!!" BEEP!" -Night Bot

Queen Xena and the "Zmurvz"

Xena and her "Zmurvizh minnionz", from the very start, were on Nacht's List. They were always annoyed by Nacht because he never fails to remind them that they are little, floppy eared, blue skinned, aliens. The heat between the two of them turned into flames when they started allying Dr Von Dread and his Council minnions.

"You know...Xena izn't zat bad vonce you look pazt ze vact zat zhe iz a Vreaky, Vloppy eared, Blue Zkinned, Counzil zypathizing, Prentice Marrying, Zmurv!" -Nacht Sniper

Rafael de la Larken

In an Arena Match, Nacht was beaten grusomely and claims that his loss was because of this man's ninja minnions... Whatever the reason Nacht made sure to add him... TO ZE LIZT!

"Zis Vreaky ninja guy iz a covardly zvine who hidez behind hiz minnionz! It'z eazy to have courage behind High Vallz, Vreak! VREAKY" -Nacht

Dimitri Sylvan

Ahhh... It all started at the battle on the Mandate's Airship. Huge battle. Nacht. Smurfs. Gunfire. Electricity. And then Nacht and Dimitri duked it out... Very breifly. Poor Night Bot didn't last the fight and ended up Short circuiting. Nacht being the insane German he always is took Night Bot in his arms and exploded/teleported to the Weapons Union Base, where he met up with his old Friend, Tech Kid, who fixed Night Bot. Nacht still remembers that moment and plans on seeking revenge for his poor robot's downfall. Watch out dimitri your on "ZE LIZT"!

"BEEP!!! BEEP BEEP BEEP!!! BEEEEPPPP!!!!!!" -Night Bot

Seer Malak

Nacht Sniper hates Malak for dropping a nuke on the Weapons Union Base. He had his scrapbooking stuff from last wednesday th--- I mean...*Whispers*... Oh... Action figure collection... Either Way. Nacht takes Great pride in his supergroup and any enemy of the Weapons Union will Always have a place on "ZE LIZT"!


Ect, Ect, Ect.

Gunsang, Amanda Webb, William O'Connor, Sergeant Prentice, Seiken, Schatten-Schlag

((Still trying to get down all of Nacht's enemies... But there are a whole bunch of um... :P Still under construction! :P))

Nacht's Answering Machine

(( You can put your character's thoughts and or feelings about this Loony German here on Nacht's Answering Machine!))

"Guten Tag, Vreaky Caller! Night Bot, Betzy und or Nacht Cannot reach ze vhone vor von ov zese reazonz:

1) Ve're killing Leery...Again...

2) Ve're in ze D calling everyvon Vreakz und promoting our Van Club!

3) Oprah Vinvrey juzt conquered Canada!

4) Ve're out ov ze Vindex!?


5) Ve've been taken hoztage by my vreaky alternate reality Praetorian Nacht Zniper.

Zo Pleaze leave a message avter ze Beep! *Night Bot beeps*...Not zat von... ze next von... Avter zat...ACK YOU KNO--"

... ... ...*BEEP* Ishalia: Vreak? He should look at em' self for a mi.. wait.. WHERES MY VREAK! *gnawing on the phone is heard from her side for sommmme reason.* Two hours later. ... ... ...*BEEP* Ishaila: "Sorry, I got hungry, I hope your happy Nacht!"

Zo Pleaze leave a message avter ze Beep! *Night Bot beeps* Nacht, I hope you have a perfect explanation for this... mess. There are "Nacht fanclub" posters planted all over the base! The training room, the meeting room, and even inside the- *Nyak would then stamp "Nacht Fanclub" on the Arbiter's forehead* Get back here! -Arbiter Death

...*BEEP* Nyak: ...Oprah Win--?-I mean! *Clears his throat then speaks in a low voice* Nacht, this is the police ordering you to shut down your crazy fan club. *He whispers in his regular voice* Don't do it because getting beat up by Death for stamping his forehead was worth it. *He goes back in the low tone* So.. uh.. yeah. You're under arrest. And--Oh yeah! Council right behind you! *Quickly says in his regular energetic voice* Tell Betsy and Night Bot I said 'Hi!' *Hangs up*

...*BEEP* Nacht. This is Synge. Look, you might as well keep that book you stole from us, cause the whole hostel sort of sunk into the earth. It's more complicated than that, but whatever. Just keep it. Also, Night Bot still has my Napalm Death cassette. I want that back.

....*BEEP* Nacht! Where are you at ya Damn Freakishly Tall Looming Frightening Scare Crow! I need you and Night Bot to get down here! Were fighting the Council Damnit, and were not about to let them take the Isles! These Council Oppressors think they have us beat, but as long as we stand together, as long as we don't give in, We'll never fall before them! Together, we'll show the Isles what Freedom means, What Heroism means, and those who were not with us on this day, we'll hold their manhoods in Shame! Say No to Drugs Kids, don't forget to Read!---Run Riot

... *BEEP* More glitter, pretty boy! - Grinning Guillotine

... *BEEP* Hey Nacht, I heard you like rap music! *the rest of the recording is the most annoying and irritating rap music imaginable* - Arren Starkweather

... *BEEP* -ULE YOU ALL WHAHA- *Commotion can be heard* Jeez... Rob, I'm trying to send a message... *Snarling and other sounds can be heard* Fine fine... I'll tell Night bot you want a play date Rodney... You'd think i was babysitting a group of *Silence for a moment, most likely someone is waiting for another interruption* Nothing? Okay. Just wanted to tell you not to spaz out if you find the base full of marshmellow fluff... see, I was messing around with the super collider again and... ya know... spawned another massive demonic staypuft marshmellow man. Thankfully i had some grenades on me. I'm narrowing down what I hit this time, but yeah, I wouldn't go in there anytime soon unless you wanna get stuck in a tooth rotting wonderland. - Zekiah Anaso

... *BEEP* Er....Nachtie. I found a severed 'and in my desk an' I'm pretty sure it ain' 'ellios' 'and as it's wearin' what I think is a Council glove. Is this yours? If so get over 'ere an' pick it up--it's startin' to smell. - Nicholas Williams (If for some reason you couldn't tell by the accent.)

... *BEEP* HEY NACHT! Iz y'r VREAKY refridg'rat'r runn'n? Well, if it wazn' b'fore, it iz now an' y'd bett'r go catch it!... -silence for several minutes- Wait, nev'rmind, Jaws brought 't back. Scratch that. It ain't runn'n 'nymore. ...O hey, y'ave a cake. I sure'ope y'don' mind if y'lemme 'elp m'self t'some 'a it... or all'a it...BWAHAHAHA! - Ink Dyne

...*BEEP* Hey Nacht, whats up? I uhm...uhm...just captured Archon Leery, and I don't know what to do with him. Like, I am torturing him at this very moment. You should come down and check it out. I mean, if you like killing Council peeps. Oh wait, he's dead now. - Arachron Greg

The Nacht Fan Club

Are you a Fan of Nacht? Have you ever thought... Hey... I wonder if he has his own fan club!? Well, He Does! If you are interested in joining the NFC (Or Nacht Fan Club)... just put your name on the list below.

Current Members:

Anarchy Agent-Proud owner


Keshka Di'mir

Ishaila Ti'nari

Zheir Arctique

Zekiah Anaso

Arachron Greg

NFC Merchandise!

This section contains all of your favorite Nacht themed items! From Nacht T-Shirts to Night Bot Plush dolls we have 'um all!

Nacht Sniper Audio Book: The Bible

"Would you like to read the whole bible at least once in your life... But you don't want to spend the time to actually READ it?! WELL! Here's the answer you need! Your Favorite German Sniper has his own collection of audio CDs that read the bible to you! That's right! It's like have a full-blown conversation with the one and only Nacht Sniper... except It's not... So what if you can't understand a word he is saying to you?! DOES IT MATTER?! From Genesis to Revelation! That's right! And only four easy payments of $19.95! Call now to order!"

I'm Batman

"Hey, Home viewers! Are you tired of all those lame, boring and unexciting musicals? Well Nacht Sniper agrees with you and has written his own all-new musicals! That's right! "I'm Batman" is an award winning musical all about the caped crusader himself! Go on a journey with your whole family as you watch the gravely voiced hero punch, kick, and shoot his way through Arkham asylum to rescue his new-found-love, Harley Quinn.

Note: We're not liable for the deaths of audiance members when stray bullets and shrapnel land in one of your brains. Please consult a doctor or mortitian for further assistance. Don't forget to sign those waivers!"

((Still in works))

((The OOC Section!))

All you're favorite things about Nacht compact into one huge section :P


Deadpool, Merc with a mouth, Marvel Comics (Who doesn't love Deadpool?!)

"Got to go; building full of sick people. If I can hurry, maybe I can avoid them." -House, Season One

Dr. Gregory House, House M.D. (One of my favorite shows!)

The Question, DC Comics (Aha! 32 flavors! )

Batman, DC Comics (Who else would have all these sidekicks?! And don't Forget The Nacht Mobile!)

Starman, DC Comics ( Man that guys hilarious! )

Fox Mulder, X-Files (The Truth is out there!)

Spiderman, Marvel Comics (Like deadpool, he narrates his fights!)


A Section where all our favorite Original Nachtisms are held! Feel Free to add some of your favorites!



"You vould zink I vould get a memo about zis kind ov ztuff..."

"Night Bot! AIM VOR ZE VACE!"

*To a crab spider* "You have zomezing on your back, you might vant to get it removed!"

"Und vat not!"


"Or elze?!"






"TO ZE NACHT MOBILE! *Explodes*" ((<--- One of my newest favorites :P))

"NO NOT ZE RED BUTTON NIGHT BOT!! NO- *Count down to self destruct begins*"

"Vat'z Up Vith Zat?!"


"Guten Tag, Union!"

"Guten Tag, VREAKZ!"

"Vreakizh Bald Zuperman-Captain America hybrid!"

"*Looks up at the sky during a Special Event* Vreaky! I don't zee zis color in ze Rogue Izlez Zky Decoder Handbook!"


Nacht's Elaborate Closet

Man, Nacht has WAY too many costumes... I bet he has a Huge closet!

5th Collumn Suit/Stealth Suit

This is a modified version Of Nacht's Costume when he worked as a Sniper for the 5th collumn in Independace Port. Today He traditionally wears this suit when defeating his favorite enemies, The Council.

Battle Armor/Mu suit

This Armored battle suit was a gift from Scirocco to Nacht for proving his power in battle... And the fact that Nacht is constantly calling him in search of more council Missions might make some believe that it was a bribe to keep the crazed German at bay... Either Way, this bright red suit is powered by a rare Mu crystal stolen from the depths on the ruins in Nerva. Nacht now keeps the crystal on hand as a defencive shield.

Casual/Urban Combat

Nacht uses this suit when hunting down unsuspecting targets on the streets of the Rogue Isles. Nacht often wears this suit as a sort of casual clothes.

Formal/Green Hornet Suit

Nacht has dubbed this outfit, "The Green Hornet Suit" because of it's resemblance to the old detective/Super Hero. Nacht normally wears this to formal meetings and events because it's the onlything Formal he'll wear...

"Zpider Nacht, Zpider Nacht, Doez vatever a zpider Nacht doez!"

The Spider Suit MKI

This was Nacht's first attempt at pleasing the spiders... But when he had the options of Mechanical Wings instead... Who wouldn't drop this suit and go?!

The Spider Suit MK II

This was A suit Nacht had created to please his superiors as he started to work more and More in Grandville and around the "Spiders".

Vangaurd Suit/The Crazy Purple Giant

When the Whole Rikti War with Vangaurd started up in the Rikti Crash Site, Nacht decided to go there...But only for those council hiding in the corner of the zone... Eventually Nacht's activity fooled those silly Vangaurd Commanders that Nacht was a great asset in taking down the Rikti menace... So he decided to run along with it and built this Suit to prove that he was working alongside Vangaurd... Even though he wasn't...

"Jingle Bellz! Leery Zmellz! Night Bot Laid an egg! Nacht Mobile Lozt it'z Vheel und Von Dread got avay!"

Christmas Costume #1

To celebrate the first Christmas celebration in the Pocket D, Nacht created a Elf suit just for the heck of it...

Christmas Costume #2

Nacht had to go with the trend... Giant pale elves were all the rage that year...

Vreaky Vactz


Theme Songs

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