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No Rules, No Regulations....just us.


Adventure, fame and fortune are what unites this otherwise mix-matched band of thrill-seekers. This clandestine team works under no government and isn't bound by any rule. These very different, and often quite colorful heroes are not subordinate to any specific army and can move at any time, place or location where they are needed, via their mobile headquarters: A refitted Rikti Dropship, codenamed "Titan."

The Aces Wild

History and Formation

Longtime Evolution-X members, Steelo and Alpha Phoenix had finally decided that the domestic and sheltered life of a paper-pushing administrative officer just wasn't quite the right one that would satisfy any individual craving real excitement. With that idea in mind, they took what they learned from Evolution-X, and set off to form their own group, which would be free of the constraints that tied them down in Evo-X. They recruited the help of several of their most trusted contacts from Evolution-X who felt the similar desire for REAL action, adventure and fame, and formed the current roster.

Most of the Aces were former members of Evolution-X who had joined Evo-X after it had already been an established group. The Aces was a chance for them to start something that was completely their own. It was their group, their contribution to the city. The Aces are just a ragtag group who'll take on any job of (sometimes)questionable legality.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recruiting process like?

The Aces is a fairly selective group that recruits crimefighters that are well-known to the team, rather than bringing aboard total strangers. We do this in an effort to retain the close-knit feel with an emphasis on quality over quantity. The best way to go about becoming an Ace is to get to know them!

  • Are the uniforms mandatory?

No. We don't like to think of them as uniforms, so much as they're matching outfits. If you do decide to get one, the only parameters are the lock pattern top, and the enforcer belt. The rest is up for creative freedoms!

  • Is the Aces Wild a teen-themed SG? Is it for mutants only?

Neither. The Aces Wild accept pretty much anyone who we feel could be an asset to the group. We felt that by being exclusive to any certain type of crimefighter, we often miss out on some really great people. So long as the person is an asset to the group, they're in.

  • How do I join?

You can contact any one of the Aces in game, and they'll direct you toward how to properly go about becoming an Ace!

File:Screenshot 2008-03-12-21-42-40.jpg

Current Roster

The Rikti Titan

The Aces Wild's main headquarters are based in a refitted prototype Rikti Destroyer. The Titan was originally brought down by several Aces, at the time Evo-X members, and was retrieved from beneath the depths of the Paragon harbor. After a major overhaul of the primary ship systems, and several personal modifications, the Titan became home to many of the Aces. The Titan is significantly larger than that of a standard Rikti dropship, with thicker armor, and equipped with a far more sophisticated on-board AI. The refitting design is the brainchild of both mechanical prodigy Xtraction, and technopath Cygirl. Their combined efforts, along with the assistance of the rest of the team has made the Titan what it is today. RikiTitan.jpg

Specifications: Mass 282,500 lbs (128,140 kg) Length 269 ft. 3 in. (82.06 m) Width 170 ft. 0 in. (51.82 m) Height 78 ft. 8 in. (23.98 m) (Landing Gear Extended)

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