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FIRST. >:D Lalalalalove!

You make AWESOME characters man. Keep it up. --Cloud Runner 14:12, 7 August 2007 (MST)

Thanks for the kind words over on Nite's page. Like my boy CR says, you make Awesome characters. I think I met you once in game... as the Everlaster. ~ The Nitedevil 9 August 2007, 06:13 (EST)

I hate you. It takes me forever to come up with one so-so page and you have a whole bunch of great ones. Now you make another brand new awesome page (Mood Swing). Its not fair. Taking up all the talent. You suck. :P (J/K You rock. Love your characters.)

--ScarletRedemption 01:10, 9 May 2008 (MST)

Mhm... I saw that! --Masked

Ohemgee, love your pages so much. Which you know. You inspire me to make mine better. And your user page? Jeeeealous. I WILL outdo you one day, so you know. --Showe 22:36, 7 November 2008 (MST)

The characters seemed a bit too close for it to be a coincidence, but I thought I should post the link anyway. It's not everyday you find a fellow familiar with Astro City. Kud's. I've been drinking, so I've no idea of what I've just typed. To the glory of the individual day! ~ Elpenumbra

Hmmm...Lessee here. Next up: Movie Monster rip-off! Just kidding. :P-Fire Wyrm

Alright, I gotta... no... I must ask: Why do you and Fire Wyrm have similar characters...? Not intending to offend either side, but my curiosity needs feeding. --Masked 21:43, 14 November 2008 (MST)

IKNORITE?! What will we do without Unhearted's VV? Flail about and rawk the hell out, of course. --FfffarfanooginRae

Raise the roof! I got a mention! Celebr-... Aww crud. She got two... --Masked

Psh, your's are still better than mine. I am excited about my plans for Niki's though! <3 -- Rae

Blue links: Blue background: Does not compute. Too busy. Less is more, Jinksy. :P -- Ant

Look how sexy your user page is, like you own the place. --<3

Any way you can turn the Wall Of Text of characters into something more readily readable? Or would that break the style or accrivitz the mean or something? --Talen Lee 15:46, 6 December 2008 (MST)

Do more team-ups, we must. --Yoda!

if only i actually knew how to code html... :P --check

Hey there. I like yo' stuff. Coldcrash 19:17, 9 December 2008 (MST)

More alts! More alts! :P Ant 10:38, 15 December 2008 (EST)

I don't even bother to level anymore. :( Your reasons are the same as mine why I continue to stay, and even then my RP source has been depleted by people leaving. Which sucks, because I have a neato char concept that I won't get to play, unless I take it to DCUO. Pfft, Champions Online. Ah, well. <3 --Rararararae.

Not to mention fighting side by side Bats and Supes. I wish there was a Marvel MMO. --Superbat

Yay, now we're both center-aligned! --Masked

Pffft, I did it first. :P

Man, now I know what it feels like to be the one getting copied. XD

~ Teh Wyrminator

I AM PUTTING MY POINT ACROSS EVERYWHERE NOW SON. The Al train is a comin' -- Choo choo

Accept no "subsitutes" huh. What's a subsitute again? --Perfidus

I'm so excited to see Cadabra's page. Tell me about the 'labels', and how you managed that? <3

Huh. Where do you get your paintshop brushes? :D

Nooo. I decided to change my choice to Rachel Bilson.

Parts of your page have a slightly different shade of blue than the rest and it bugs the shit out of me...just thought I'd let you know - JT

Hmmmn...the ink spatter is a nice touch. Damn good re-work overall. Spartan

Lol I <3 you, anybody else wouldn't have cared if I said that hahaha, but you actually looked for it - JT

Thanks. But its not awesome enough yet bro. =P - Underdog

"I wonder what you're captain of..." I love Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog! =D -@sychosis

Thanks for the compliment, it made my morning coffee that much better. I went through your profile and was stunned by the quality of some of your pages. The Karloff in me has a particular soft spot for Movie Monster. -Cauda!

Hey, I was wondering if you could clue me into what you use to make all the sweet banners? I'm looking to update my pages, and I was looking at some of your pages and the banners really are amazing.~Elpenumbra

I got burned out after 2xp weekend and decide to take a break. Been playing WoW (Oh snap!) with a RL friend, but I'll be back when I14 rolls in. I've got some stuff brewing up in this noggin o' mine that will make for a great re-entrance. Look forward to seeing some new stuff from me soon. ~ Wyrm

Thanks a bunch for the help, man! The expense of college and my apartment has made me forsake playing CoX for now, but I still want to improve my pages;at least pretend like I'm still playing it. But maybe when I get back into it I'll see you in-game.~Elpenumbra

I miss you too!

Hey man! I know this was a while ago, but thanks for the compliment on HM. If you ever have free time, look me up in game at @Human Miracle, we should totally hang out, love your stuff man. :D Human Miracle

So you think you're funny huh? I'll show you funny! XD ~ Wyrm

OOOOOOOH~! That screen is so pretty! Thank you, Miiiiike! It's going up aye-sap! I loves you! <333 -- Jupi

You're weird. - CC

YOU'RE RAD, I'M RAD, WE SHOULD... <insert some activity here>!

Once again, I'm blown away by your characters and their pages. Keep up the great work!


PLEASE keep this as your permanent user page because it makes me cry tears of love from my eyes. - CC BRAH

Hi Jinks. I was wondering if you could make me a banner for Dusk Chameleon and Duskrune. If you don't want to for me, thats alright, I'll understand. - Ian, Bro.

Wonderin' if you'd be willing to make a banner for Fiendish Fox? It would really help me get the page started...*hint?* Hit me up if you need a picture of him or something :D -Human Miracle

Annnnnd now I'm wondering if you wanna do one for Vocal Vagrant? lol sorry I keep bugging you. If you do, he's got a page Human Miracle

Hey Mike, see what you can do with this. - Hydro

Haha, we all changed our user pages a little bit! Also your banner is not centered on my screen, just fyi. ~ Drake wanted me to tell you that you're the best.

LOL @ RUN YO MOUF - Seesee

Yuh, I know. But for some reason I like it. Might change the color to something else though later. - Brother

Haha, you changed it anyways. ~ Fire "The Man" Wyrm

<3 - Sugartits

omfg this monitor is like humongosaurus rex ~ dubbaya tee eff mate

Hi Jinks. I was wondering if you could make me a banner for Lunar Hawk. If you don't want to for me, thats alright, I'll understand. - ^_^.

This one's cute <3 - <3

I thought this wasn't Myspace :P

THANK YOU, MIKE! /kis - Miss LovesMikeReitNao.

Good jorb on Jupi's userpage, yo.

...I hate you.

Ima copy and paste your list of pet peeves onto my page - JT


Look what I found on the internet:

Your pages rock. Thought you should know that. - Rezzy

Click me if you dare. You know you want to.

LMFAO, THIISSSSS ^ - Sugar tits

you made me a banner and I didnt even ask <3 - JT

I missed this song so much!! - /kiss

Uoah!! Everything changed when I wasn't looking. - :O

Cool. I'll keep an eye on the page and be in touch when the doors open. -- AlwaysAPrice

Well yeah, but I've already got a couple farming chars. I don't need another farming project. Don't be daft, Michael. -- CC

o) I saw that Jinks pic by the Caricaturist. Ain't he the best? - Mr. Goodwrench

'Ey baybay.

LOL@jt. wtf. - <3

Thank you sunshine! <3333 - <3

OMG Hai. ♥ -- Ashlaylay 17:31, 15 August 2010 (MST)


Y'all nukka's don't know nothin' about how curvy dat ho is. DAYUM DAT ASS.

... Mike. :/ Why for you put that quote up? xD

Btw, I totally lol'd when I looked at recent edits and my edit to your talk page was +69. <.<

You's a dirty hoe. <3 And my account is down noooowwwww. :/

Lmao, Mike. I <3 them both.

Greatest video to wake up to. xD lolololol

Ach, you copied your talk page. I didn't have much, so... I'll be in here if you need me for anything.

Don't omg wtf me. v.v I wanna redo it, blaarrgghhh.

Thanks for leaving the comment, Jinks :) It'll be nice to catch you ingame sometime for a hello. :) -- jupe

I swear: you have done it again. AA's looking to be a mainstay. I hope. *looks to all his own projects with...*


I noticed you blanked the page for High Jinks. Since it was a past featured article I would prefer that it be left as it was if possible. However, if you want it to be removed please let me know so I can remove it from the past Featured Articles list. Thanks. - Ransim 12:17, 28 March 2011 (CDT)
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